Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Bailout

The ‘Bailout’ is such an appropriate word for the closing of an old empire; one in which money has been their very foundation. This bailout currently is in ‘freefall’ as it is allowing the financial powers that be salivate within their determining who/where/when and how this money will be distributed. It currently has no real restrictions as it is being looked to and at and literally being ever so demurely fought for by various factions………….who wouldn’t want to get their hands upon this energy to continue to manipulate the financial world. Is it not ironic that this ‘bailout’ comes at a time when the election is nearing and the old guard is struggling to maintain position? Interestingly there are a number of days after the election that the power shift is still in motion and the scrambling within those days to put this money in places and hands that would surely maintain the consciousness will be obvious and the new administration will curtly come forth to announce their own provisions and policies which will become a struggle unlike even this fight for the election. The purpose of this bailout as well this election co-inciding is purely for the purpose of shedding light onto a world in collapse.

The incredible cry of unfairness within the words of ‘spreading the wealth’ has turned some to feel that statement is socialism which in turn has been branded a dirty word. It is the word that holds a vibration built upon it by those capitalists who have taken that concept to a whole new level. The idea of sharing the wealth is horrifying to those who feel they would have $$ (which is power) taken from them but that will happen, and those who fear loss will create their own fearful displays around them. That said; remember that everyone is their own creator in any/every circumstance. They will invoke the law of attraction to assist within their own fearful notions of the government or anyone else ‘doing something to them” because if one lives believing that someone/some entity is ‘doing something to them’ they relinquish their own power of and as the creator of their lives, their dreams their finances their ‘everything’.

The volume of beliefs within earth’s people that this financial crisis/bailout invokes comes directly from their histories; be it a history in this lifetime or another. The ‘way things are suppose to work’ within the government of this relatively new country, the USA, has been written and replayed like a Hollywood script. There are many many examples to prove how people can lift themselves out of poverty and into wealth thus perpetrating the myth of a capitalistic society being the greatest on earth. The truth is that all/everyone who has indeed come into this country, built a wonderful life from nothing and maintained it to inherit it forward, did so upon their own dreams and beliefs. The county promised wealth, fulfillment and happiness and many firmly BELIEVED THAT INTO EXISTENCE. That still takes place and always will. It is called the law of attraction. There are as well those whose histories have not allowed this type of belief to be experienced and for whatever their own reason they have fulfilled their own prophecies. One cannot MAKE another live the American dream if they do not have any dreams. So the circumstances that arise within this moment of financial crisis allows for the collective to solve it and many will because they will solve their own poverty, their own fears as they begin to gather back onto themselves their own power.

The collective consciousness is built from the ‘majority’ of the individual consciousnesses. A consciousness that has lent their power to anything/anyone especially a government; that believes a government will fix their problems will never know their problems fixed. This is the time on earth for each to stand forth within their own lives/light and begin a journey of hope and love. To say that one person cannot make change on this planet is a sad and misunderstood statement. One life empowered ignites 3 others. It is the way it works. It is energy in motion and it is a timeless experience. It would take NO TIME at all to shift the consciousness forward into a place where money became one’s gift to themselves.

Some say it is a terrible thing to mention fear as though not mentioning it will dissolve it. Quite the opposite is the case. To release fear one must bring it forth, alive and conscious. Fear lives within the cells rattling around showing itself periodically in ways that allow baby steps of transmuting to take place and many have been working with their own fear over the last several decades to the point that they hardly feel much left. The greatest fears held within the consciousness of the world especially the USA is that of MONEY. The very word at time invokes fearful messages. Whatever is left within the body of mankind as a whole regarding money which = power, security, safety etc………. peace is coming forward to wash it away, but this will not happen ‘behind the back of anyone, it will be a conscious declaration that their fear is no longer the holder of their focus, their power.

One need not care if their form of government is called by any name for their form of governing their own life is all that matters. The world’s inhabitants are being called to bring alive within themselves the creator they have always been but have been unconscious to thus becoming ‘conscious creators’. In fear – fear is created. That is why this fear is being called forth. To those who have ‘already gone there’ know that this is your time as well to be anchors, lights and bearers of a silent message through your frequency that speaks to those around you in the calmness of your own energy that fear is leaving the planet as it is leaving the bodies of her inhabitants.

This ‘bailout’ is something that is being worked on behind the scenes by two distinctly different factions’. The ultimate leader of this country speaks not at all publicly in regards to this bailout at least not before this election but is in consortium with those at the highest level within finance and they are quite on top of the planning for the monies that were granted in the form of a bailout. It will not be used to sustain those whose greed created this situation’. They will be quite surprised when they no long hold the power or sway to simply mandate as they have in the past their greed.

So as with most all things of this consciousness including the election and the bailout, the greatest way to bring forth the circumstances that will enhance your life, your dreams your financial situation is to detach from the outside world as being the focus and the truth of your reality. Create your own in the knowing that all is well, all is perfection and that focus will ignite within you the truth of it as it will bring to you the circumstances that you envision. YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY - ALWAYS HAVE ALWAYS WILL. Create in fearful notions of how the economy and the bailout will affect you negatively and you will certainly see it. Create in the peace and KNOWING that you will be unaffected by the fear and loss that surrounds you and you will sail onto a higher vibration and joyful tomorrow. This is not to say you should not express compassion for those around you but don’t forget they are Creators of their own reality and to view them as such, to view their lives as their own created stories is to honor them completely. Everyone is upon the earth in lesson and perhaps each has enough going on in their own world to be fully vested in THEIR LIFE rather than ‘interfere’ into others. Realize that ‘thought’ is the greatest manner of interference into the lives of others; it is called JUDGMENTS and it is very powerful in it’s affect onto not only your life but lives of those that your judgments fall upon. This type of interference shifts the vibration of both the giver and the receiver and does nothing to uplift either.

The ‘bailout’ symbolizes a huge chunk of power (money) up for grabs, up for either maintaining the status quo or revealing a new dichotomy in which 'bailout' becomes a helping hand onto the RECOVERY of a nation and a people who have been battered by the greed of those who they put in place to govern them. All is well within this situation that demands the new guard bring alive the pictures that the electorate has asked them to paint; a picture where this bailout which designates a hand out will be given not to those who unashamedly created the scurrilous damage to the heart of a country that was designed many years ago to hold a hand out in brotherhood/sisterhood to those who came to create a better life.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Message From Rick ~ Whats Up?

My brother Rick passed away a little over three years ago from brain cancer. He may have left his body but he is still very much alive and assisting me. I often ask his perspective. I will share on this blog those insights that maybe helpful.

October 11, 2008

Hey Rick what is going on. What a wild ride this last week in the stock market. Please give me your perspective thanks.

It is within the summations held that this ‘crisis’ will eventually come back into line with the status quo; things will turn around, stocks will eventually regain and all will be well however there will simply NEVER BE the status quo as that PLACE itself is diminishing into oblivion and it will feel as though each stands alone in this new reality that comes to greet them and as you know they truly do. One MUST STAND ALONE to know the place of standing with all and the thing is ~ that is the direction of this world to stand together for once one has known that aloneness of self they touch something within that directs them ever towards humanity itself. Standing alone does not necessarily mean at all that one stands by themselves or with no others around in their lives but it is a depth of loneliness that one feels before the flush of ‘self’ enters and for many the thought of being alone is terrifying, not even recognizing that they are already filled with loneliness in the midst of many. Within the collective consciousness there is a call for humanity to ‘come together’ and within that call the individual MUST stand alone to enter into their own hearts their own individualness that holds a blueprint of their life, a direction onto their soul for it is the prize that won’t be found until looked for and to look for it one must come ‘alone’ or become self focused to do so. Again that doesn't mean you must leave a spouse or family or job or community although that is the case for some. It means that you take back onto yourself your great power which is your FOCUS and direct that focus inwardly for that is where ones discovers this PLACE (of self) and it is like walking through a doorway into the warmth of home. The world ‘outside’ has given directives and rules to follow; basic tenants of reality which states that being selfish is unacceptable and that is usually one of the first ‘rules of reality’ that children learn but selfishness is a gift to self within a ‘word’ that holds negative connotations. The words can be changed to honor one’s selfishness as self love; self adoration. The SECRET TO LIFE, TO LOVE TO JOY TO PEACE TO ALL THINGS WONDERFUL begins with self love and that secret has been very well hidden through the manipulation of the powers that be through religion and government and society which IS the reality of the world presently. Religion teaches that you are sinners thus unlovable. Government teaches that you must conform to a standard thus deny your individuality which denies yourselves. To live for the good of the community has become a lie onto the ploy of the governments that have enslaved the people into believing that the government is ‘by the people/for the people’. In truth the government picks and chooses who will benefit from their authority. Society speaks of the many cultures that are sprinkled throughout the various pockets on earth based literally upon the energies of one’s DNA, vibration and blueprint. So there are many distractions onto entering a place of self adoration mostly because it was NEVER PROMOTED. The word itself ~‘selfish’ is laced within energies that speaks its ‘wrongness’ when trying to abide in the world of religion/government and society. It would appear that to enter a place of self love one must distance themselves from all three facets of reality. Those in the past who have tried for the most part were rejected but know that no one can know the sting of rejection from the world around them unless they KNOW rejection within. It is not something that is created for you, it is self created thus displayed TO you.

In this time and day you will NOT leave the world to enter onto ‘self’. It was of your design to do so right where you are. You can liken it to an infiltration of a reality rather than a battle for a reality. The group whose design was to enter earth and secure a consciousness upon her has been working for decades to do just that. Many have no idea as they have been so focused on their own lives and trying to elevate themselves to a place of peace. That IS THE MISSION. To stand upon the earth in the vibration of Peace is what you came to do……..period. Many others like myself determined we would assist in this raising of consciousness by transmuting fear through death.

Within the world at this time come many distractions to one’s very psyche. There are so many views and BELIEFS that are screaming across the screen of one’s mind not to mention their TVs and computers as well daily interactions. From the depth of one’s DNA comes forth their long held beliefs and their very constitutions are being rattled. Fears are enlivened that have been dormant. Fears and beliefs that have not been expressed before are showing forth. Many do not understand that within them lives emotions that they inherited onto their DNA from ancestors. They begin to relive a hatred that they don’t have reason to own but it is there and it is there because they declared they would inherit it in order to transmute it. They inherited it so they could come onto the planet and enliven it in a conscious manner to deny it thus gifting it BACK ONTO THEIR LINEAGE. Who says you can’t change the past. That is exactly what you came to do. HEAL THE PAST. As those inherited emotions explode within bodies that have never even experienced the history they are expressing those emotions. Racism, sexism, hatred, fear and many other emotions of long ago are still alive within the bodies of those who carried it forward. Like a inherited illness it is lighting up the bodies of those whose time is upon them to change their course OR not.
The greatest emotion of all that lives and is expressing currently is the fear that blocks the love that is pushing hard against the earth and her inhabitants. Love is not the mushy man made definition that involves perhaps a man and woman or parent child because that love is still tinged with fear if it holds any conditions upon it. What is pushing upon the planet is a love that knows allowance to all, recognizing that all are a piece of god embodied; here on the planet to fulfill their own destiny, follow their own blueprint and abide in their own love. This love is a vibration that is causing a light to expand within the bodies of mankind and in that expansion there is great resistance to the bits and pieces of fear hidden within all. This fear is a vibration that cannot abide with love therefore the expansion of love greatly awakens and rattles the fear. This fear expansion is causing people to feel something that is to say the least very uncomfortable but in that discomfort many decisions and declarations are being made. What each are given is the opportunity to align with an old world, an old reality where they are encouraged to CONTINUE to live in a fashion and reality that denies THEMSELVES or begin a journey of great expansion within the light of their own love. The world is in the battle once predicted as the final war, the end times, the Armageddon. That war is being waged NOW upon the planet. It is waged individually and collectively. It is the war within. It is the war between the light and dark as they say. It is truly the war between love and fear and it is fought upon the battleground of each body that steps forth to face the enemy ‘within’, an enemy that is tired of the fight and wants to absorb this fear into its demise. The enemy of fear can be dissolved in love and then a great peace prevails. Once within that vibration of self love there is a change of reality and one is elevated vibrationally and stands alone with all amid a great and glorious moment in the history of humanity. Standing in that vibration IS the assistance you came to give at this time, and in the very location you are in.

So Kath, Take care in these exciting times. Don’t get caught up in the fear it is so very prevalent. Know that fear it is the necessary message that will deliver you/all into a new world.

Friday, October 3, 2008

October 14th Event

September 28, 2008

Can you tell me about an ‘event’ that is suppose to take place on October 14th?

Those who have channeled and announced information about this event feel certain of it, yet their perception is not quite correct. Your 3D reality is based in linear time and on your five senses, including, of course, what you can see with your physical eyes. It is difficult to convey an ‘event’ to you in terms outside of that 3D framework--translating it into 'time', a physical 'view' or picture of what will happen. In our non-physical reality, the ‘result’ of the event is the important thing. The collective consciousness seeks the emotional impact or result of that prophesied event (the lightship sighting). The event itself is not required for the desired emotional impact and result. It is through and within emotion that the human race will change the world, change their consciousness and the REALITY of their lives, individually and collectively. The upshot of this prediction, which will come to pass in other terms, is that of paradigm shattering--the world will be viewed within a brand new framework. For IF such a huge ship were to appear, the whole basis of current 3D reality, for the mass of humanity, would quite literally crumble. Their fears would explode, their emotional bodies would become catatonic and they would lose their very will to live, to maintain or try to maintain the only reality they have ever known. So NO a spaceship of immense proportions will not appear per se in the skies over ‘anywhere’ on October 14th. But again, something is coming up that will AFFECT many millions of the population AS IF IT HAD transpired. All those emotions will begin to be felt by humanity because you are vibrating at a rate and in a frequency that is literally calling for the relinquishment of an old reality, and this will manifest as various probable events. Again, imagine how humanity would FEEL if that event took place. It would affect everyone on the planet, although each would perceive it according to their own consciousness. Imagine that without the literal event itself, the results OF THAT EVENT will manifest in your emotional bodies. That is what humanity is really calling for--not the prophesied event itself. Within your skies are many, many ‘ships’ that hover and move about, assisting in the greatest movement of the planet EVER--A MOVEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Those ships are invisible unto most eyes. They are not ‘physical’ in your 3D terms. As each ‘body’ rises in vibration, fear is released from the cells. As the body rises it changes dramatically. The shifting that will take place around October 14th is a direct result of the assistance of the ships as they respond to the collective consciousness that is crying out: I DO NOT WANT THIS FEAR THAT LIVES WIHTIN MY BODY. In response to that call, the emotional body is being ‘hit with a vibration’ that will assist in the releasing of that fear, and this requires that the body become enlivened to FEEL those oft-denied "difficult" emotions. That fear has been part and parcel of the emotional body of each person. The emotional body is the key to consciousness; the key to creating, to empowerment, for all CREATE THROUGH EMOTION. The emotional bodies of humanity are being recalibrated into a higher consciousness as they collectively are about to experience a level of fearfulness that would be equivalent to the result of the predicted event. So, although this lightship sighting will not take place LITERALLY, there will be events that will lead to upliftment, but which initially will bring up much fear to be released, and that will collapse the prevailing understanding of reality. Throughout the last few decades, the energies that have been moving into the force field of the planet have been felt by many--of course some more than others--but each time those of you who were capable of it 'rose to the occasion' of a certain energetic ‘invitation’ it brought up surges of angst, fear, discouragement, depression, and the like. This ‘time’ with the opportunity of immense transmutation, there will be an explosive release of those emotions. This ‘event’ could not have taken place even a few months ago because the energies of those called 'lightworkers' were not in place to assist in calming the fears. They are now holding greater understanding and fearlessness--qualities they came to develop so that they could assist at this crucial time. You will come to see that there are MANY in the world whose life’s mission has been to make themselves available at this very ‘time’ to stand in peace as ‘all hell breaks loose.' This will transpire in so many ways that it does no good to speak of any specific scenarios. We tell you whatever you ‘think’ will happen, you might as well forget it, for it is nothing of your history, nothing of your memory. You are all in your perfect position. Your concern is to hold the hands of the fearful, calm the hearts of the anxious and express love unto the unlovable. For many, it would be fearful to view such a predicted sight, but it is even more fearful to hold fear without a ‘reason’ per se.. Now this fear will obviously CAUSE as well as be the RESULT of events--it's the "chicken or the egg" proposition--but the ignition of this fear on a global scale will take place through a collective inner tsunami, and in knowing this, know as well that any and every event, seen or unseen, has been called forth by the prevailing consciousness to bring to the planet an expansion of the power within love. This requires the release of fear and that in turn requires the magnification of fear to its demise. So then our most beloved, we speak to your heart as we remind you of your mission on Earth--to simply hold your light, your peace, your calm, and your joy no matter what is happening around you, as you will build a bridge with others of the same vibration and upon that bridge you will welcome many whose fears will be diminished within your light.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Barack Obama

Barak Obama ~ It is with a heavy heart that this man takes on the trappings of a political process that is flawed beyond anyone's knowing OR imaginings. Let us say that it is no blight upon his heart as he knows and has been shown that this game however filthy, MUST BE played. Barak Obama indeed has a grand mission but that is not to say that Bush or McCain are not playing their roles as well--they are just as grand. They however are merely figureheads for a consciousness process, and represent a way of life that has kept the United States under the thumb of a group which has exerted a level of control that would distress even the hardline conspiracy theorists. These figureheads are being used by the group to maintain the energies of the old world; to uphold and proclaim that world 'real' and continuous, ongoing and powerful. The world that they represent, that energy, vibration and frequency, is a consciousness that is based, laced and founded in FEAR. This male oriented, definitive, aggressive and highly charged controlling energy has permeated politics in the United States. Obama penetrates that energy and to do so he must carry a bit of it himself--there is no other way, for his light must be inserted within that old energy in order to accelerate it. What may be perceived by the outside world as "politics as usual" for this one is definitely a ruse in order to allow him into the consciousness of the political order. His awareness allows for this without tarnishing his spirit, demeanor or his absolute desire to bring alive the energy and vibration that will begin this shift in consciousness. This is tricky, for this consciousness has its own ways and means of actualizing a goal that does not always match one's stated desire. For instance, in the last election, you voted for John Kerry and were devastated that Bush won, yet 'really it was you who won' for what you voted for, what the consciousness voted FOR was not a man--rather it was for dynamic change, a relinquishment of the old tyranny and old energy, BUT Bush needed to be there in the White House for the last four years in order for the these things to come to light. So, in voting for Kerry you consciously believed you were voting for the change you so desired and that would look like him (Kerry) becoming president, but in reality the change you voted for demanded Bush as president to bring about this current debacle, for always it is the consciousness that votes, it is the consciousness that shows forth, and it is obvious now that consciousness is changing. The outer world pictures the collective consciousness, and how could such disgraceful, distasteful magnifications of fear and injustice have come to light and been decried, if the Bush administration had been removed. So then on to Obama. He is representative of a new consciousness that is being formed by the collective. Will he be endeared to the White House in January? Well as you can see, every day gives new evidence of the old order falling. We say simply that it is the consciousness that again, as always, will vote. We cannot make a prediction because we cannot guarantee consciousness, since free will is in play but we can tell you with certainty the direction that your world is taking, and it is ever towards the light. There is a faltering of the previously formidable power that has maintained and conserved the old energy vibration and reality. That world is in its death throes. John McCain has solidly aligned himself with those whose only goal is to maintain the old world. Obama is under powerful protection and he plays his role perfectly, as he must walk a fine line, so that those who are 'on the fence' will not feel threatened. This is a part of the bigger Armageddon, a war within, a war that is played out daily and hourly in this country, a war between the consciousness of fear and that of love, between light and dark. John McCain is a candidate of fear it is that simple, no matter how denied. Barack Obama is a candidate of true change. Sarah Palin was plucked from the obscurity of a state very far from the lower 48 who does not identifywith the consciousness of the US, as the vibration of that land is one in which there truly is no governance of any import; the land itself dictates the consciousness of Alaska as it is so sparsely populated it is not affected by the consciousness of man. The city of Washington DC breeds fear and power, it is of the consciousness that is old and waning. The men that have upheld it are but symbols of a time soon to pass. Barak Obama is not a symbol of corruption and power, greed and fear and he doesn't wear the face of the "old white men" who have perpetrated that consciousness. He walks within a truth that many see, many feel and many fear. He walks into the consciousness and stirs it up asking the citizens how they feel about their lives within a consciousness that wants to conserve the world as it has been: where power over others is seen as the primary barometer of one's worth, where women are absolutely not considered as equal, where greed and corruption hold sway. The founding fathers of the US designed a template whereby freedom of expression was the goal, and as they determined the country's direction of equality, freedom and compassion, the movement began to release from the land itself those energies that denied these aspects of consciousness. What appeared was a history that came from all parts of the world that carried within it a consciousness fear based/male oriented and dominate. That history both hidden and overt began a journey into awareness. What is to change must be acknowledged. So the secrets of a consciousness have been/are being uncovered and are on the table to be dealt with both individually and collectively. As planned, it has taken over two hundred years for those beings who came onto this planet to unveil the dark history of disempowerment, to set the stage for the release of that old consciousness, and make way for the entry of the light. Both singularly and collectively, humankind and especially those of this country have been working towards this day--a day when love takes its rightful place over fear as the motivator of consciousness. This light ignites and spreads across the land and is unstoppable. Beginning in the West, it sweeps like a firestorm, clearing the consciousness to awaken into a new paradigm. Now the fears that Obama is cut from the same cloth as those politicians of the past can be put to rest, as he holds no fear on the cellular level. He is accessible to others from other places and dimensions, and he is guided at each moment. This is something that is quite natural to him--so much that if you asked him whether he had had any otherworldly experiences, he wouldn't understand the question. Just as most people are used to their family and their way of life, he is used to the energies that assist him.Sarah Palin is a token placeholder--a woman USED for her gender above anything else. She appeals to women of the mainstream consciousness, and 48 hours before this choice, McCain still did not know of it, as this was still being worked out by the controllers in charge of coordinating his political moves. All the while, the collective consciousness continues moving towards the shift, that may for many bring up feelings of trepidation and/or impatience, but as the election approaches, have no fear, as you will find your bearings in the moment when you GAUGE YOURSELF as to your place within that consciousness. This presidential election will truly set a new precedent. Ponder that play on words!The election, the vote, the choice is beyond any you have ever made in that you are voting for the actual shifting of the consciousness that has been in progress since the birthing of this great country. Individually and collectively, all of us are moving from victim to creator consciousness, aware and awake and alive within a consciousness that shifts DAILY. Each new change you see is in response to the inner calling of that consciousness.Barak Obama is of an energy unlike those of the Powers That Be, who exist in an "old boys’ world. He speaks more in his silence and demeanor than those who are arrogant about their place in the history of the old order and their "wins" as members of that order. The thing about "winning" is that it means there must be a "loser" who is seen as diminished in the process. The new president will bring to the table the approach of uplifting the other into a place where all win. The great divide within this country is based purely on the consciousness that espouses separation and decries equality, for in oneness and equality, one cannot know power over another. The time has come for the ending of the global consciousness that embraces the love of power, and the beginning of the one that embraces the power of love.Know that Obama is NOT of a consciousness that has been around for a very long time in American history. His is not an energy of control but of empowerment, He is not of the mindset of separation consciousness, rather he is of a collective oneness. He must parade himself as a typical politician to a degree that will keep him in the race but he knows groundedness within the energy of his family--his wife and children. They hold him in the light he is. He puts on an act at times, playing the game that must be played. He is aware of this and it does not diminish him although at times he does find it difficult. So who should one vote for in this election? Some have already chosen, others are still undecided, but in the end it is the collective consciousness that casts the vote. Stay tuned, stay aware and awake as you progress toward one of the greatest moments in the history of Earth, as she is birthing into the light of a new day.Peace

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Viagra

It is the ten year anniversary of a little blue pill that revolutionized sex within a population that was feeling that they were no longer in the game. The announcement that there is "still hope" came for those men who had lost the ability to touch a place within themselves that women have led them to. From the view of the consciousness sex states that all are creators but what does it really represent and symbolize?

There is no doubt that the mystery of love and sex have held humanity literally moving on earth. It is the basis for the reality of the planet as it is today. All things of the world’s structure are based upon the uniting of male and female. Like a puzzle that all are looking to solve, they do whatever it takes to join with another of the opposite sex, to know completion. Not a judgment, just a statement of the obvious. Isn’t it worth a deeper look to recognize the incredible dance that is taking place between men and women? A game so ingrained that it is not recognizable as a game, it just is the way it is. What is that relentless, unstoppable, sometimes entirely inappropriate urge to connect and what is the deeper meaning behind it?

Sex is what makes the world go around It is an attraction that has built and destroyed empires, created earth’s inhabitants, been the foundation for economies across the globe, unearthed passions and emotions that have changed the course of world and personal histories, been the maintenance of the world reality and of recent times become a fearful experience that causes disease and death to each and everyone who has expressed, experienced and been deprived of it. So what is it REALLY symbolic of because it is a symbol that ignites with the body some of the strongest urges and motivations. What are people going for in their quest to experience it? Outside of the body it doesn’t exist and each soul on earth does exist outside a body. So we enter onto the planet within the choice of our sex, looking to be fulfilled through and within another who holds an opposite sex. Does a penis crave a vagina? Some may say yes but beyond the body parts it is an energy craving to connect to another energy. The cravings are the same for those who don’t necessarily hold an attraction to the opposite sex, they still hold an attraction to the sexual energy of another.

Assuming there is a fulfillment each desire (although often denied) why is it getting increasingly more difficult to feel fulfilled? As the consciousness is rapidly changing and the world is beginning to view all things differently, one very obvious situation that has been taking place in recent decades is the dissatisfaction within male/female relationships. Why is that? It is because the very energy that each symbolize to one another is only that, a SYMBOL. It is not the real thing it only represents the real thing. There is only one way to know ultimate satisfaction and completion within the marriage of male/female energy and that is to marry those energies within yourself. Does that mean you do not get to have a satisfying relationship including the sex? Absolutely not, in fact that would be the most satisfying of relationships. Each person is attracted to precisely the perfect proportion of energy they lack. Those that are evenly balanced within their energy will attract another that is the same. If one is very male dominant in their energy they will attract someone who holds very female dominant energy, but do not be fooled by appearances. They usually are not correct. The amount of energy one holds of male vs. female is literally within percentages. If a male holds 85% male energy he will attract another who holds 85% female energy. This design, in its perfection, was meant to eventually bring about the marriage of energies which would balance each human being into their perfect position of and as male/female 50/50.
Deep within, although unconsciously, each knows and craves their own balance. So what happens when a male of 85% male energy begins to bring alive within him his own female energy and drops the male to 60%;female 40%. If the partner maintains her position of 85% female an imbalance in their relationship occurs. Thus what we are seeing today, humanity is going for balance which is why breaking up is becoming more common than staying together. and unrest within relationships is almost a worldwide phenomenon.
A man or a woman will crave something that he or she believes only the gender of their attraction will provide them, so they continues to look for that satisfaction not knowing it only can be fulfilled within. They crave the sex that is symbolic of the opposite energy, continuing to look outside themselves for the energy the other person represents.
Male energy (men) represent strength, power, security, safety etc all things that each human carries within themselves.
Female energy (women) represents beauty, nurturance, peace, and comfort etc, all things that each carries within themselves as well.
Male energy symbolizes the mind; female the heart. Male energy (mind) has dominated the world and now female energy (heart) is taking its place front and center.
So as women look to men to balances themselves they may have an easier time of accessing male energy through sex.
In same sex relationships the participants will attract the approprate percentage of male or female energy relative to the percentage they possess, whether they are male or female themselves.

Men still crave this energy even as their bodies may fail them, thus the little blue pill has entered the consciousness symbolizing the awareness of an urgency towards sexual energy (balance) even when the body can no longer functions to this end. It keeps them in the game of looking for the balance.
Within two decades it will be very obvious that having sex, one balanced human being with another balanced human being will not only be the greatest sex one can have, it will in and of itself allow the body to function perfectly.
The consciousness of humanity is changing as it goes from victim to creator and to access the power of the creator all are, they must be balanced within their own male/female energy. It is just the beginning of a life of great expression within many areas of one’s life including sex, because it will be more of an expression of love than an urgency of fulfillment that last momentarily.

Procreation is of another energy entirely that is in the calling of the soul who has determined their moment of entrance. The mother and father have already, in planning, agreed to this child(ren) and the soul(s) entering and have determined the circumstances within the sexual uniting. For every soul who enters this planet there is a specific and unique merging of energies in recognition of a perfect union no matter what appears.

Viagra speaks to men their ability to continue to search for the fulfillment within sex that represents their own fulfillment. For women it is either a gift of passion within a balanced union or a gift they would rather not have, as it represents their own imbalance.

It is within the male species that the craving for their female energy is greater and soon the world will begin to view the beauty of a balanced male who has no problem whatsoever expressing his female energy.

The 'Blue' color of this pill speaks of the Maleness that comes alive at birth when baby boys were considered to live within ‘blue’ separating them from their ‘pink’ counterparts. This has become yet another distinction of separation, that of color pink and blue. It has remained for eons of time the beginning of separation of self, symbolized by the separation of boys and girls and it is coming to an end.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Economy

There is a reason that the economy is at the center of attention at this time. History is entering a place of great change and this change in history simply means it is not repeating itself.

The United States appears to be shifting from how it has been viewed within the world’s vision in its mere 200 years of existence. It has certainly risen to the heights of power over those that have been plugging along for centuries. It was a light and a projection of perfection that shone across the globe as the land of freedom, opportunity, compassion and desire in living. It was birthed within the passion for equality, peace and self dignity. It was an idea and an ideal that was presented to the world as the greatest place on earth; a place that allowed any and all the opportunity to rise from the depths of despair and poverty to riches and respect. The land of the free, home of the brave and the great American story is one that involves the rags to riches scenario which has more to do with the economy than bringing one up into a realm of self adoration, self worth, self respect, self accomplishment. For all barometers within the American dream are the measurements of one’s economic situation, simply put, one’s bank account. One’s bank account defines them greatly in America, that’s just the truth of it. What the founding fathers lived for was the building of a country where freedom could reign and it never fully has in this country because freedom of expression without prejudice is still an American dream. Can we really express ourselves without the fear of judgments not just from our immediate circle but from a world at large? The correlation between ones ability to express and their bank account is real. Money is a symbol on earth. It is a symbol of power and freedom and it is a symbol of the American dream. The symbol of money is laced with so many and varied energies, the largest of which is POWER. In every nation on earth money is woven within the culture as a degree of power but nowhere on earth is money so powerful and has played such a role onto power as in the United States of America. From its birth over two centuries ago it has been the most powerful Nation because of its great and glorious economic strength. Its economy equaled its strength and something is happening at this time that is shifting its power within the world and it is happening from within.

Singularly and collectively the population of the US is being pushed to examine their beliefs about money for they very much define who they believe themselves to be based on the money they have. As this is taking place there is a great deal of fear rising which is affecting the economy. One cannot express themselves and live in freedom until they deal with issues that surround money. This, which is as appearing as the economy coming into crisis, is a direct result of the consciousness of the country as more and more individuals are coming into their own individual crisis.

The US and her economy have been the Gold Standard for the rest of the world for a very long time but the US has brought about this crisis because of the imbalance that the US has created within the world. It is a nation of great greed and arrogance. Her government has been a deceiver to the nations of earth but more so to her own people.

The consciousness is beginning to speak out not in words so much but in the results of its changing. What once was believed to be the greatest nation on earth is showing its true colors to the world and the world is responding. Just as no one can ever take your power unless you agree to give it, the nations of earth have over time given their power to this nation as she symbolized to them something that was pure in its promise of freedom but has showed itself to be a great fraud. For every dime it has spent on what is called foreign aid, there is a differential that far exceeds that blessed gesture that goes into the pockets of the corrupt of government and corporate elite. What has been suspected for decades by the public at large is coming to light as the consciousness demands it. The United States is beginning to loose its power in the world and that takes place as she looses her strength within the financial world and that takes place as from within this country the people begin to view their own personal fear within the symbol of money. As one holds fear within money they deny the truth that they are the creator of their financial situations. To awaken that truth there must be a crumbling of the consciousness that has maintained it, victim consciousness. So the economy is crumbling from deep within the consciousness as every display you will ever witness comes from within the consciousness.

As those who want to conserve the financial status quo, namely the conservatives, scream and shout their denial of the economy crumbing, those who desire to bring about an end to the debauchery that has plagued the consciousness of the United States for over half of its existence quietly work to uplift their own personal lives.

To say the United States is the greatest nation on earth is to say that other nations are not. To say we are the greatest people is to say other peoples are not. That goes against the vision of a land where all people are created equal. The superiority of the nation that was founded on equality has reached its peak and it is being redesigned from within the consciousness that speaks of the human family, the human heart.

The United States more than any other nation on earth has debased and denied the very foundation of this country’s birthing. It has turned into a place where the rich hold power and in holding that power they have become richer and more powerful. Money is what is shifting at this time in its position of power and fear is beginning to rise and claim hold onto those who have denied themselves their prosperity. They will do so until they release the old consciousness of victim that lives within them and embrace their power. There is a new day on the horizon of this beautiful country but before we see it fully manifest, an old world and an old consciousness, just as old money, must fall.

The economy is in a state of chaos and will remain so until a shift in consciousness is experienced. This unrecognized movement is quite recognizable by its results. Perhaps you can’t see the utter disgust, disregard and distrust that the majority of people in the US have for a government that has allowed the people who are suppose to own it become so distanced from it. You will see it in the results that begin to destroy it from within. The consciousness of the people speaks as it always has and it is speaking its unwillingness to continue to live within the fraud they feel their government is.

The collapse of the economy is really the collapse of the way the government of the US has been doing business and that is at the will of the people. Fear of money issues must be released in order to hold the power of the creator consciousness that is descending upon the planet. Those fears are rising within the consciousness of the world because fear must be released in order for this new consciousness to express itself. Since fear must go, what better way to bring it forth for its relinquishment than within the individual? It is individuals who make up the collective to which this fear money holds speaks to. It must start within each person.

When you hear the 'bad news' about the economy, know that it is the beginning of the end of a world and government that has been false. It is collapsing to be rebuilt in a new consciousness and a new order where money is no longer the symbol of power over others; rather it becomes a symbol of abundance and joy. Money becomes a gift you give to yourself as only the creator can. As the creator of your life you know it as a gift but within a consciousness of victim, it is the greatest symbol of fear and survival. As one shifts their consciousness, they shift their symbols.


Saturday, March 15, 2008


  • Eliot Spitzer's Fall from Grace

    This scandal literally begs for any observer to profoundly judge the situation because after all in a consciousness of ‘victim’……….victims are everywhere within the story. But when looking at it from another perspective the story is far more intriguing. To realize that all ‘victims’ are creators puts a new spin on things.

    Eliot Spitzer~ let’s start with the main player, the governor of New York State. What a profound man of morality he has presented himself to be. Someone who has worked diligently to get the bad guys and give to the people of that state a feeling of vindication and help remove them from the state of victimization at the hands of those powerful ones who swindle and get away with it. It gives the common man a sense of glee to see the big guys fall, again easing their sense of victim status. But without victims let’s see what Governor Spitzer was doing in this position and what he is now presenting.
    At a very young age this one was given a role model to emulate, his father. He idolized his father and as long as he did so he was motivated to become him but something shifted within him as he seemed to surpass him. The motivation that lived within him for most of his life was gone and he turned his attention in a different direction. He is very common of most men who are graced with a position where others rely on them to be a compass for their own morality, their own beliefs as he was the personification of one who created a picture to the outer world that reflected his belief system. Now keep in mind that he as well as all are ‘given’ a belief system. It is inherited and it is nurtured in childhood. Good bad or otherwise one’s belief system is the foundation from which they build their lives. His belief system was one that stated that at all cost the outer picture must be perfect and he knew exactly what that meant. His own family portrayed it to a tee. There were many secrets as well lies and deceit within his family of birth and that as well he inherited although unconsciously. He became his father quite literally as he lived the secrets that were handed down to him; the secrets that have come to light of late that have slashed and crippled him and his pretty family picture.

    So if he is the creator, why did he do this to himself? Why did he humiliate himself and destroy his family, loosing position and credence in a world where all of that is so important? He is living in a time when he is literally assisting others to take their faith and their attention off the outer world. He is assisting the world to a place of reminding the world at large to stop looking outside themselves for the heroes that live within. He is not the first nor will he be the last within this time on earth to be one of great power to fall. Recently several men who preach and teach morality in the church setting has shown the world their infallibility having disgraced themselves and although they have no idea within their conscious mind why and how this could have happened to them, they are part of a system designed to eradicate the belief that truth and power, direction and peace live outside of oneself, perhaps onto a leader.. As the voices who scream ‘God’s’ words, the voices of morality and judgments are silenced by their own falling, more and more do they speak to the hearts of man to turn in a new direction and devotion of power. Within the body of all lives a power that rises as the attention so easily given to one who commands it is withdrawn. It is ‘attention’ that magnifies power and to give it to oneself is to magnify it within.

    The wife ~ A woman of beauty, ambition and brilliance has felt for a very long time that she is going in a direction that is killing her………….killing her spirit but as well she felt that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it for she long ago gave her voice over to her husband. She felt from her belief system that to have a husband so prominent, she must devote her life to the cause; his cause and she, although appearing to be of the new generation of powerful women kept her own secret fear of standing alone. This is a common and very powerful motivation in holding on to a place, a standing so very far outside oneself and it can literally destroy them. She portrays a woman of her day who is caught between the old and the new. She is a bridge onto her daughters and has called to this moment when/where she can leave behind a life that has been so devastating to her and not only that she called for the utter support and love that will flow her way. She has been caught like so very many between a world of survival and world of joy; a world of the outer and a world of the inner. To walk away from all that which seemed so wonderful, that her mind told her was fantastic and yet her heart told her was so vacant of joy seemed an impossibility to her………..but no longer.

    This couple rattle in their own fear as this life they knew is now history. She may look as the ultimate victim but even she knows better because as devastating as this is to her entire system and reality she has longed for the opportunity to renew herself within her own love. And she as the creator set this up to do just that.

    The public ~
    To agree to and live as a ‘public person’, what one really does is they allow their life to be a big fat presentation to the world. They allow their life to present to others their own beliefs and at this moment in history and consciousness they are brave indeed. This story speaks to the public mass judgments and the consciousness of victim is nothing BUT judgments, so it allows everyone who even hears the story to go into the judgments OR not. If one maintains a reality of judgment they hold themselves apart from the truth which is that each and every human on the planet is the creator and has designed their life and trials and joys and pain to be a part of the learning process which will take them from victim to creator. This story allows the viewer to see it as either a story written and expressed within a consciousness of victim or a consciousness of creator, It simply tells them which consciousness they tend to live within.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


'The Consciousness is 'Changing'......That statement has made its way into the mainstream over the past few decades, but what does it mean? Certainly our concept of the nature of Consciousness is changing in the world of science. Physicists are exploring the implication of what they refer to as Quantum Consciousness....Leading edge Quantum Physists are theorizing Consciousness can have a profound influence upon what we call reality. Check out Lynne McTaggart's book 'The Intention Experiment' where she demonstrates through repeated "scientific experiments" how one can change reality through their thoughts and intentions. CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS - My blog will present a point of view from a Consciousness that is simply 'other than' the world's present view. It is opposite of victim consciousness; it is Creator Consciousness....Something that lives within all of us waiting to be awakened. The outer world we view can be called 'victim consciousness' since most of this earth believe that the world comes AT US.....virtually keeping us in a state of fear. Creator Consciousness states our world/reality comes FROM US.
The Collective Consciousness is the group consensus that we have agreed or accepted on a specific reality....But more and more people are leaving that place of fear to gain access to the creator consciousness that lives within.
CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS is an expression of a consciousness that views the world from a place of individual and collective power that is at work and alive regardless if it is perceived and/or accepted.

Every family, group, business, institution, town, city, state, country and the world hold a specific consciousness that has been created over time and held together through agreement of its members. Throughout time many people have left and are leaving those ‘established’ realities because they simply don’t bring about a natural inherent joy and contentment.

We are now at the threshold of a new consciousness, one that is rejecting the current one which is dictated by the outer world. We stand here today before the greatest leap in consciousness this planet has ever taken. Collectively we enter a consciousness that awakens within and speaks from our hearts.

This new state of consciousness calls to the hearts of others to join and express their true nature and live without fear. This is the same fear that has been the glue of the world consciousness that we were born into. It is impossible to view the world news headlines without witnessing the effects of a fear based consccousness.

Everyone alive holds availability to their own ‘Inside Consciousness’. A consciousness that speaks from the heart, that holds no fear, that reminds them of their beauty and promise and dreams.

I have tapped into my own inner consciousness to bring forth the words, concepts, and insights onto that place....and present to you another way of viewing alternative to 'victim consciousness.' and fear based rational.

Enjoy......... and I encourage you to please offer your own comments or questions. I will be happy to respond from a consciousness............called Creator.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.