Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beautiful Light in the Sky

December 10, 2009

What was the blue spiral in Norway………….
The colors were of silver and blue. Those colors represent/present expectancy. That sight carried no fear, no fearful messages, energies or presentations. It was magnificent in sight and exciting in view. This was of timing perfection as it was a show of peace in the midst of a show of peace as the prize of peace was being presented and the opposition to peace was being launched. Anything of opposition to the peace that tries to maintain within the earth’s atmosphere will be destroyed and the light of that destruction will shine brightly. Although this can be ‘explained’ away by some it is purely the denial of what that beautiful light really spoke.

Those who long for the connection to home en mass and in strength have called for the ‘signs’ and that was assuredly one.. It stepped out of another dimension which is where those ships and brothers/sisters reside and spoke to the heart of those who expected and it trailed off into the distance once again leaving behind a great open door. In appearance it was nothing at all like the mental concepts of ships or ufos’ rather it was a daring representation onto the memory, the heart the connection held to this other dimension, not unlike the formations on the ground called crop circles. Each who view those circles receive a message as well an ignition onto the cells of their bodies that allow an expansion within the mind. This blue spiral was a gift onto the memory of those who expected a grand sight from the skies; a sight that would confirm to them that they are not alone and are supported. It was destined that at this time of the beginning of no time a sign from the heavens would speak as a reassurance that all is moving in that direction and place of peace for the workers of light and those whose mission on earth is to herald in the language of peace knew within their cells of an accommodation a ‘sign’ if you will that all is well and on target. Ironically the view of earth at this time within the mind of man is mostly not of peace but be assured that direction is very much in motion.

Within all the expectations of a ‘massive landing’ is the memory, the remembrance that from the skies the signs will be that there; signs that a massive support system is present and this support speaks to the cells of humanity within this showing. This is not something that can be explained as could the star that shown itself at the coming of Christ on earth and it will be viewed as a non issue or ignored mainly by those who hold no memory or little memory of their position within the upgrading of the earth’s frequency. Many have come to hold the old world until the very end, the end of time. We are entering the end of time in a very ‘quick’ manner. The shift into timelessness will take place when 71% of earth’s inhabitants holds some degree of timelessness within their cells, The remainder will be those “twinklings of an eye” who will within a moment release time and for many of those it will be rough going because their resistance momentum will be reversed and ripped from them instantaneously and as time releases from the planet through her inhabitants bodies there will be a beginning; an entrance onto that new world. This sign is but the beginning of the sight of many ‘unnatural/unexplainable’ events. These happenings will bring excitement to many, wonder to others, nonchalance and ambivalence to the skeptics but not fear because they are wrapped within the ribbons of remembrance, the excitement of waking and the love of those who are here among and above. They are here to assist, they are reminding of this and they will bring more beauty from the skies but not intrusion; simply a show of love that will be recognized as in remembered.

No need to try to figure things out or understand or learn. It is now simply a time to remember and trust in the most powerful element of your physical existence, your emotions. They will speak to you the truth, they will speak of the love that exists ‘out there’ and they will call you to recognize that those feelings so powerful come from within and that is where you will connect with those whose light is shining from the skies. They are your brothers, your sisters your family your self.
Look to the skies there is more to come.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Insurance: An Industry of Fear

On a recent vacation I hurt my foot climbing. My daughters insisted I go to the emergency room because it looked infected. I normally do not go to doctors, haven't for years. I did so mostly so they would stop bugging me. A few weeks later when the bill came I was astounded and pissed off. I guess I have been out of the insurance loop for a long time and thought this was quite outrageous. I spent a couple days angry and decided I would write to get a perspective. (I'm over it)

The setting is in place for the country to view with a great interest an industry that has not been held accountable in any fashion since its inception. It began as something that would provide and promote safety, security and peace of mind. It was seen as a ‘partner’ that granted a great amount of relief from dangers and damages, accidents to be sure, at a fair and minimal price thus in the beginning this industry was a win win for the brokers as well the clients. It has over the last decades grown proportionally with the fear that has been rising within the consciousness.

What once was seen s a benign institution has become a source of greed, abuse and scare tactics and is fighting for its life. It is quite symbolic of the fear that is fighting for its life within a consciousness that claims fear to be among other things a barrier to the memory of the creator all are.

The insurance companies began with a basic tenant to assist homeowners from loss, widows and children from poverty and the population at large from calamities of many sorts. It grew and sprang forth it’s immensity within a consciousness that says ‘of course there are accidents’, ‘of course there are victims’ of course bad things happen that I have no control over’. That is the consciousness of the birth and growth of the insurance industry and even today the majority concur that those accidents/events of danger and sickness are totally outside of their power to create or correct so they must look to the protections in the outer world The insurance companies assure and insure that consciousness, a consciousness of fear and victimhood and as the awareness of this consciousness is being presented so too is the awareness of the moral bankruptcy, greed and absurdity within the industry that is at the forefront of these debates that include the health industry as well the bailouts that have created such a stir within a consciousness that is moving from victimization to recognition of the creator within.

This insurance industry within its immense growth offered a literal ‘belief system’ to the masses and government was included. The belief that one requires outside protections from their own creations is not a current belief system. The current consciousness does not hold that each and every soul create their ‘everything’ The current consciousness’’ holds a belief system that the need for insurance is mandatory and the laws of the land have validated that belief. Besides the truth is that a creator who creates disaster also creates the policy that will assist in the aftermath of their own creations which seems quite reasonable.

Symbols, like insurance that become wrapped in belief systems become very powerful and the industry has taken itself to it’s height in power to begin a dismantling. The insurance industry is a symbol of fear, it is a symbol of powerlessness/victimization and greed. It is a symbol of the consciousness that has been hidden for millennium. What began as an institution to help humanity within a margin of profit moved towards an unabashed system of disregard for mankind as the eye on dollars overshadowed its original purpose. It was an easy ride that became easier as markets and corporations were deregulated and allowed to run amuck at the expense of customers. It was as all things a set up of the consciousness to allow this industry of great fear and victimization to have a light shined upon it.

So as one awakens to their own power should they simply cancel all policies and realize they create it all…………the good the bad and the ‘incidents that require a call to their insurance company or healthcare providers’? Firstly by law, the laws of man, you are not allowed to cancel policies. The insurance experience has been inbred within a belief system to maintain your position within the ranks of the ‘insured’. You must have car insurance and homeowners and health in many instances but that does not mean you need to give power to this institution by fighting for or against it. The power you hold can allow you to simply detach from it and watch the consciousness play out. The basis for its power is falling apart as it is being uncovered and viewed as literally a ‘killer’ to those who in faith hold it yet are denied it’s benefits.

This topic is at the forefront of the debate of an issue that is being offered to the public for their input, their opinion their beliefs. To recognize that insurance is merely a topic/symbol of an old consciousness within the vibration of victimization allows you to understand your own position within victimhood. It is far easier to detach from that symbol in understanding of its purpose within a consciousness especially if you recognize yourself as the creator of your ENTIRE LIFE and do not fear your creations.

You are moving from victim consciousness to ‘creator consciousness’ and in viewing the symbols of an old world you can simply detach from the world and institutions of fear by withdrawing your attention, your distrust and your anger.

Although these words are attributed to the authority of a religion, this statement is profound in releasing a consciousness.
“Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesars, and unto God the things that are God’s”

The laws of the land (Caesar) require you to hold this symbol for your security and the profits of an industry therefore do so because to fight this would enlarge its presence in your life, but render unto God (you) those things of your knowing………..that YOU are the power within those creations of your life and you need not fear for your safety, your security your survival”. You are walking in two worlds at this time and to be aware of both greatly enhances your walk within the light as you resist nothing that presents itself to you. The power within a place of non resistance is greater than you can imagine. It allows your consciousness to be open to high vibrational thoughts and understandings that will display in your outer world.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Are Spacecrafts and ETs Coming?

November 1, 2009

In many of the channelled articles I’ve read lately, there is alot said about landings or the appearance of space ships . Can you give me information about that?

In time memoriam there has always been the urge or even urgency for a savior to come forth to regain and reclaim the beauty of life and as you well know in this now in time it would seem the earth is very much in need of a savior. The latest disciples of desire to be uplifted look towards the heavens to bring forth that savior. For those who hold memory of life beyond this reality, the ETs and the spiritual masters form the group most likely to be the one(s) to come forward en mass and uplift mankind, however that is the opposite of what in planning is in store for the world for that would be a bold and mass intrusion onto the very reason many came onto this planet. These ships that are spoken of certainly exist and it is not that ‘they will appear’ rather it is that they will be recognized as family when/as the frequency of one can attest to their presence, can see/know/recognize them within their own volition. The phrase believing is seeing as opposed to seeing is believing is in play within these sighting expected. It would be against universal law for a mass landing to take place: it would be the greatest abhorrence onto a world and reality for a frequency to simply bust through and into a world at this time. The longing to bring memory of another world into this one, into earth’s field is quite understandable because of the proximity so many are to the upliftment of their own frequency and it is because of that proximity that the memories call for the ripping of the fabric of one reality to expose onto it another. In other words what would take place if massive sightings occurred and ETs stepped forth would be counterproductive onto the purpose many souls came onto the earth. It would release fear and provoke panic and death as many would choose to die or go into a self induced state of detachment from the world thus denying them their very purpose in this lifetime to essentially through free will change their own vibration to allow reality to be expanded. It is nowhere near in time a time when reality will be forced upon humanity as that has already occurred many millennium ago when fear was brought forth and onto the emotional bodies of planet earth’s inhabitants. It is however in time very near for those who have uplifted their own vibration to take steps and measures to touch other realities on a massive scale but that is very different than reality being forced upon the planet.

What will take place is a splitting of reality and that is occurring and that is becoming more and more obvious and within that splitting upgrades onto one’s vibration occurs. The foretelling of a ‘rapture’ somewhat explains what is to take place, what is currently taking place. There is in process/progress a splitting of humanity currently as side by side will be the various vibrations working, playing, praying, fighting, displaying every attitude and adventure possible. As those who CHOOSE a higher vibration grow in numbers, those who do not will still be allowed to express. They will definitely be exposed to the choosing however never will they be forced. It is within the plan of the ages to bring onto the planet the OPPORTUNITY for all to choose their position, their frequency, and their vibration OR to reject it. That is free will. That is the law of this planet. That is the meaning of the rapture, for many will be spirited up and away onto a new reality but it will be ‘within’ as they will physically maintain their station, their bodies and positions on earth. They will be felt as different, they will literally become lighter of body but they will not vanish into the sky. They will look to the sky perhaps in longing as they bring forth memory of themselves and their resonance with other beings of other realities. They will be purged of fear for the most part and will be looked to in attraction by those who hold the fear they so long to release. They may even BE feared at times for their energy is so high frequencies it rubs fear the wrong way, it simply allows fear to be surfaced. Fear must be surfaced in order and law for it to be released as it must be revealed and acknowledged consciously. So if one is of a high vibration standing next to one who is filled with fear, the fear may simply be rattled as it is being called forth for it’s recognition into release.

The earth holds a very high vibrational figurehead at this time and he is causing quite a disturbance as fear is claiming its voice against him. This is not necessarily a challenge to the president rather it is a challenge to the voices of fear since a motion has already been set and it will not be retracted. The earth is simply moving towards a vibration of love and the love vibration doesn’t necessarily look like hearts and rainbows all the time. It is a powerful denial of fear thus it does not ‘fight’ fear it simply acknowledges it. When you see certain fearful elements shouting their denunciations of Barack Obama, one might wonder ‘why doesn’t he fight back’? He simply does not relate to that vibration. Picture a group of children playing a game of tug of war and one side decides they want to put down the rope whilst the other side is hell bent on winning the game. They scream and shout their protests. “You can’t do that” they holler. They want to maintain their position of polarity. Win/loose good/bad etc. Polarity mindset is leaving the reality of so many thus it is impossible to ‘fight back’ in the same manner, but rest assured there is no ‘lying down’ when it comes to this frequency of love that is expanding upon the earth. When one upgrades so to speak they become much more of an observer onto the consciousness as it is shifting and judgments loose potency to them. They become the silent mandate of change within thus without.

So what a higher frequency resonates to is simply higher frequencies of which the ships represent. Many have become aligned with the memory of the ships of their partners in another reality who assist from another realm and they may even hold a higher frequency optic nerve that allows the view of this reality that exists but it something that will take place from one’s frequency not onto one’s reality. There will be quite the stories upcoming as many have elevated themselves to bring into their reality the phenomenon of these beautiful ships but again that is based on the individual’s frequency as well as planning and what is meant by planning is that each soul of the earth holds their very own specific plan to bring TO THEM something that their soul their higher self deems important to their growth in frequency. No two individuals are alike, no two plans are the same and no mass landing will occur. There will be based upon one’s planning certain groups who will hold viewings, there will be individuals who have and will know contact and there will be a greater frequency of this occurring. There are those of a highest order and frequency who have never known contact or even evidence of any kind within the realm of the ships but that would again be their own planning. There is no savior from outside the self that will show up and save the world. That is the process each soul is taking on in this now of earth, the process of recognizing that their ‘savior lives within’, their godself is alive and well awaiting recognition and 'within' is the roadway to the higher frequency that is sought.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Healthcare ~ What's going on?

The explosion of this issue in terms of the fight against it is uproariously ascending onto those whose symbolism of healthcare is being rattled and what that means is that the whole issue is one in which 'oneness' is being brought forth. The truth of life itself is that we are all one, we are all equal, we are all beloved children of the creator and the issue of granting ALL the sameness in terms of the ability to proceed through life healthy and happy in one’s divine planning is being presented in the form of a symbol called 'healthcare'. Now the president has not one moment of doubt regarding the truth of this planning to equalize that which has been so divisive in terms of the 'have and have nots'. It is the 'poor' the ethnic the women who have been symbolically lacking the fruits of a system that the privileged have coveted and it is their voice saying 'leave my current status quo alone'. You hear them voice “I am fine with my healthcare” but what they say is do not disrupt the system whereby the white men who own the companies that profit from the people who believe they are being cared for, absconding with money daily to use that money as in history to build their power and continue to reflect the current reality.......But what they really say is ‘Do not change this reality”. Those who oppose the ‘public option’ want to keep a reality as is and even logic won't sway those who want to continue to 'try' to conserve a reality that is falling before them. Ironically some of the best healthcare is given to the poor, the ethnic the women who cannot afford to make payments to gain it and it is served to them through laws that were established BY those greed mongers whose medicines are bought and paid for by taxes that come from those who can’t understand the system but just want it to maintain; the very voices that continue to support them are paying for it. Those who scream their desire to maintain current reality within this issue are being used and literally abused within a system that often will not support them when it is needed. They are using this healthcare issue to maintain their position AS conservatives, and the voices that prod them promise them a return to a time and place where white superiority was en vogue, when capitalism was a name for those who played the game in a very unethical manner and have squashed the 'little guy' at every availability. The words and the voices of those wanting to conserve/preserve a reality are loud if not screaming for their cause. There is much underlying racism within this battle for equality although pronounced is a very frightening thing for those who believe that oneness is a joke; that believe to uplift another is to downgrade themselves. One doesn't even have to be 'white' to feel that position that this country began with they need only feel that they are superior to another race, class, gender, ethnicity or age and each has to ask themselves if this is so because outwardly many would deny their innermost beliefs. These are amazing times as those who have felt powerless are calling forth their power which in turn becomes a given in equality and others who feel this rush of reality fight hard to maintain a power/superiority over others that they feel is their right. Feeling the slightest emotion of others having servitude towards you is an emotion to recon with as it is a statement onto a neighbor, employee, waiter, partner or any other relationship even and especially over children that says “we are not even” and this attitude is being challenged by the energies of this new day. It is a connection in inequality that must be dealt with by all of earth for it is a falseness that has maintained separation as the basic tenant of this reality. Many lifetimes have been lived by most all living today on earth in many positions from the lowliest to the highest. Each has known the falseness of a world where the outer has dictated their worth and their place in the world. The truth of course is that all are equal to the creator, playing their roles and positions for the sake of their souls journey and evolution. Even the 'bad guys' of the world have great purpose and plan as they are often presenters to the story of mankind’s evolution. So in terms of this healthcare issue which brings up such emotion, it is illogical that those who have the most to loose are fighting against themselves to maintain the current system when in reality they are in the midst of their own emotions that says "I want to maintain this world this system whereby my interests serve me so I will not acquiesce to others". The anger 'out there' speaks of the panic that is felt as at a cellular level as it is known by ALL that this world is changing faster than the media can keep up with it and for those who fight this change in their opposition to the memory of 'oneness' it is their swan song in progress as Obama does indeed have a plan that is in perfect order playing out as designed. The 'oneness' as it can be called can only be entered into as ALL PREDEJUCES ARE GONE and nothing can be 'gone' from the body, the emotional body of a human unless it is acknowledged and that is what is being seen across the streets and screens of tv. It is the acknowledgment of one's own personal beliefs as the characters on screen and radio present to the viewers/listeners those beliefs that each has a chance to agree with or reject and as one recognizes their beliefs they hold them in one of two manners. Either in peace or in fear and anger is the product of that fear. At this time it rises within the belly and it is presenting itself for one of two reactions. It comes forth for transmuting or it holds it’s position and in holding onto fear one will find much distress and anguish. This world IS entering into oneness. It will not be stopped and what you are seeing is the upsurge of those who believe they can return to a time that was of illusion. They are angry at what they see as a changing world. They are angry at what they see as someone not acceptable to them as equal holding the highest office in the world. They see president Obama as destroying their reality and they fight hard to preserve/conserve it. The millions who watch this play grant themselves the opportunity to view their own beliefs and determine if they are against this symbol of equality called 'healthcare'. Do they want to allow all to be a part of a oneness or do they want to deprive others of something that they feel belongs to them alone. It is irrational, illogical and false those things that are being thrown about but that makes no difference when it comes to emotions. Emotions determine one's barometer of decision and this is the time for deciding. Come along with the tide of oneness or fight one'self to their own demise. These days and times are not like before. There is no historical precedence to look to as this is the end times meaning the end of a world that holds supremacy of any race as acceptable because as a race, a group an individual hold superiority they need others who accept that role to 'play with' and as this worlds inhabitants are feeling their own power come into their bodies, there are fewer and fewer players to be found thus frustrating those who 'hold superiority' within them causing them much dismay and anger (fear) and they are loosing their grip on a reality; the reality is slipping away and that is what is commonly referred to as the end of the world, the end times as it is the end of a reality that has dominated the earth for a very long time and it is being welcomed by many as it is a world of great joy in remembering the equality of all but it is fought against by those who feel acceptance of all and ‘oneness’ is the end of their world……….and it is. The consciousness in the midst of this great shift and as always the consciousness will speak within this ‘healthcare issue’

President Obama is playing this out within peace as he allows the anger to rise he allows the country to see where they want to position themselves and just as he was brought forth to be that symbol of a leader of change he brings forth the pictures and the moments where his voice will declare and announce that regardless of the resistance within this country the world is entering into a new stage of development whereby the face of equality will be introduced. This world IS heralding in PEACE and the foundation of that peace is oneness and no matter what it appears out there in the land of the free where even ridiculous fearful speech is allowed it is truly bringing forth the change so many voted for. The consciousness HAS spoken and the shift from fear to love is entering the globe through the bodies of her inhabitants, one by one as the fear raises it will be expunged and to do so it must be enlivened. It must be expressed for the light is far too bright at this time to hold those fears in the darkness. Those fears are exploding and with every explosion choice is being made and with every choice the world moves closer to the position of support onto love. These times are truly amazing and for those who have already crossed the threshold of peace within they feel the excitement and wonder. Exciting because deep within one who holds peace know even if it is unconsciously that they holds a great power which entices others to join them and that's how 'it works'. In peace one doesn’t feel the need to shout their beliefs or yell at others who do not hold the same opinion. The law of attraction is absolute and to hold peace is to attract peace just as holding fear attracts the same. The numbers within peace are growing and the fear will soon enough sputter and flicker and die as there will not be enough motion and momentum to keep it going. Take heart on this issue where the pictures may confuse you. This is not a game of 'win/lose' this is merely a time of great shift in consciousness where symbols such as healthcare holds a message and memory for those who fight for or against it. It speaks to their cells its symbolism thus allowing each to determine their position within it and the clearest path to deciding anything is simply to hold 'peace' and in that peace nothing else really matters. There is no right or wrong; there is only the choice between love and fear. All else in life is simply a play within those two realities.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Illinois and the Politics of Chicago

Before speaking of something so large in its area/uniqueness/location, etc., it must be understood that the invisible non-material power behind everything is simply defined as “energy,” even thorough it is an indefinable word currently. Energy is the machine behind all things of the material plane. There is a unique energy defining each individual on the planet. There is an energy within places and sounds, pictures and food, buildings and vehicles and every piece of material that is unique onto itself, but it is quite illusive to the human's concept and yet without defining it is obvious that everyone and everything is unique beyond their outer appearance. It is the unique identifier which is cumulative even onto and especially onto inanimate objects. It is not observed by any of the human senses but one and that is emotion. Energy is FELT as blatantly as if it were seen with the naked eye, heard with the ears, touched onto the flesh, tasted or smelled. It is more real than any of those senses and yet it is for the most part denied and ignored. It is the fuel behind the engines of all things on earth without pure identification.
Anyone who has walked the streets of Chicago even blindfolded would know that they were not walking the streets of Los Angeles because the feel, the energy, is so different. And, what makes the difference beyond the senses is within the planning that takes place beyond the sense and within the agreements of those whose purpose and plan were to inhabit that city/state. For each person who resides upon the land of Illinois is so doing at their own determination, their own design, their own planning, drawn to it within their own agenda and dedication.

Before entering the Earth one of the very least determinations onto the soul is what has become the greatest determination in physical. That is physical recognition, be it in terms of money, power, and position, etc., because those things represent the energies of survival. In other words, in one's life planning pre-birth it is far more important to advance in understanding, to assist one's soul into a higher vibrational experience and to assist the planet itself by holding that vibration. It is not to be safe and secure because it is very much understood that to try and ward off death is to ward off the return to the magnificence of one's own home/soul/beauty.

But as the body enters the Earth's sphere, it becomes self-preserving without or with little memory of the purpose and plan. Each holds a plan that is unique and purposeful to them alone. They may share genetics and locations with others that would assist in that plan, be it in a supportive way or in a manner that is quite uncomfortable.

All contracts are determined from another realm. So the soul is in attraction to not only the people with whom they contract “with,” but they are also in attraction to the area or locale in which the energy of that place would assist them. All humans are in attraction at all times to people, places, things, ideas, etc., and therefore they are always in the place of their energy’s alignment.

The law of attraction is the law whereby like energy attracts like energy, and that energy very often is in the area of BELIEFS; for beliefs are absolutely energy. In fact, they are the most powerful form of creative energy. Like belief (thought) attracts like beliefs, and many beliefs are quite inherited. Therefore, to enter into a lineage that has held a certain group of beliefs is to enter into those beliefs and hold them and attract them. Even if they were not something that was experienced in one's own lifetime, they may have been “chosen” to be held in this lifetime. If that is the case they could be held for the purpose of relinquishing them, thus making one more AWARE of themselves and more aware of how energy within their lives has been “living their life.” Thus perhaps in recognizing this, it would be possible to change it (and it is). So to be aware of ENERGY, that invisible force of nature that is the power of nature that is the creator of the physical is to become closer to the memory of the The energy of Illinois is as unique as is all 50 of the states’ energies. For each state is separated by a dividing line, and as that line is crossed a different “energy” is entered into. It begins with the vibration/energy of the name of the state itself and goes from there. The focus at this time on the state and specifically the city of Chicago begs an understanding of the reality of its prominence within politics. This understanding goes beyond simply the elections of specific candidates throughout its history because they are the culmination in energy of the city itself as it has been RULED. Beginning in the early days of the city's history, there was a uniting of energies to maintain and preserve power that thwarted authority. It inherently as a city wanted independence from authority, and it craved freedom. Those freedoms were based upon the idea/energy that authority does not necessarily know what is best.

Like a rebellious child, Chicago holds in energy the memory of “doing things my way.” It was a breeding ground for ideas that would help the common man to preserve dignity and freedom from outside authority, an authority that assumed rules and regulations that were not necessarily in Chicago’s best interest.

From the gangs that walked the streets in Chicago's earliest days to the political machine of today, the underlying energy is that “we do things our way” and we don't abide in being told from an outside source what to do and how to do it. It also carries within that thought that we take care of our own. So what we view today is very much within the foundation of those same energies, and yet all individuals hold within them the free will to take that energy in a direction of their own. Power is a very interesting energy as it lives within two specific definitions in every human. All seem to feel a moment of craving power simply because there lives within the cells the memory that each is very much of a power so great it literally creates their reality. Like a bug to a light the attraction onto power is the attraction onto the true self, but that gets muddled in the loss of memory. Therefore, when the idea and chance to hold power comes along sometimes it is misidentified in ways of seeing it and feeling it as POWER OVER OTHERS.

That is the situation within the view we see today with one governor of the state of Illinois. Power “over” others is a resonating within the outer world’s view that power elevates one to a position of authority over others. The expression “drunk with power” is very close to the emotions of one who feels that energy within them and thusly lives from it. Their senses can become skewed, their sight blurred, their equilibrium failed and their behavior over the top.
Let’s view two very prominent men who have come from the energy of a city/state and are now within the limelight. They both come from a place of power; one expresses that power ‘over others’ as he uses that power to separate himself from others; elevating himself above others feeling apart and more powerful than others. The other expresses that power as empowerment onto the masses and intends to use his power to assist in that empowerment. He recognizes the equality in all and intends to assist in that memory upon the planet.

The governor, Rod Blagojevich, is currently in the spotlight as his arrest uncovered his blatant disregard for authority within his most powerful position. What overtook him was the energy and memory of power itself as what he was feeling he thought belonged to him alone. He held the memory within him of helping others -- and he did. But his misunderstanding was that this power he felt set him apart, made him special and granted him an authority that allowed him to be the rule maker disregarding current rules.

It is not unimaginable nor is it deniable that in politics the taste of power can hold great disregard for the rules. But if the truth be told in almost every case within that group called “politicians,” there has been an energy or attitude of “I have been given this special power from the people that allows me to skirt the rules” with the justification that they believe to be unique and outside the laws.

The granting of power is the granting of a memory of one’s true nature. There is no greater memory touched than that of one’s own power, it is the memory of the creator that lives dormant within all.

Chicago holds in energy a dream and a memory regarding power. It has known some of the most blatant power “abusers” in the country. As well it has produced those whose memory of power is in the alignment that power belongs to the people, that each and everyone that walks her streets holds within them the power (equality) that is God given.

What is raging in transition at this time on earth is the defining of power/powerless, victim/victimizer. One cannot hold power/authority over another without that other’s permission. One that is viewed in power, by virtue of that view grants them more of it. If the city determined their devotion to one who is holding a type of power over others, that city continues to endorse the kind of power and the corruption of power continues. This is ending in Chicago.

Within the country and especially the city of Chicago there has been a type of resignation onto power within politics, a feeling that no one has any power to do a thing about the corruption that has been known of for years. That emotion alone allowed it to continue because that attitude granted power to the system of corrupt politics.

The energy/vibration of the world has been moving towards this moment where the individual is calling to the memory of their own power. The greatest of power over the masses has been the governments, keeping humanity from their own freedoms of expression and maintaining a victim mentality within the various wars and injustices that begin within the governing bodies around the globe.

Enter Barak Obama ~

Barak Obama is also very aware of the power of politics within the city of Chicago. He purposefully chose that city. He aligns with another from that energy who looked out onto the country and said it is not right that any man hold power over another human being, regardless of their color. Abraham Lincoln was of the energy of presentation of one’s own power.

Obama was never under the illusion or spell of the power he entered into because his desire was to use that power to EMPOWER others. That energy is felt by the masses. That is his destiny: to give memory to the world of its own individual power. Rather than absorb it into himself, he holds a shield of reflection outwardly. As he grew within political circles he magnificently hid his agenda just enough to play with the power brokers, holding steady to this place where he could become a presenter onto the world.

It appears he has inherited a gigantic mess, but if that mess were defined simply it is the culmination of the lies of power. It is the story of power over others and the denial of the individual’s great power within. Obama’s intention and the world’s intention is to remember that truth. Those living that type of power (over others) are feeling their own demise because they believe their power is derived from outside themselves -- and the loss of that feeling of power is devastating.

This is not just specific to politicians. It is specific to all who feel they have the audacity to hold power over another human being, be it their children, spouse, workers, congregations, constituency or country.

The world enters into a new era. The irony is that the “burden” that is seen being put upon Barak Obama is light upon his shoulder as he simply turns to the world at large and speaks the words of empowerment to all. It is felt from him; it brings excitement and tears to those who hear him because what they hear in his energy is this: “You hold within you the power of the universe. Please remember and do not look to me to grant you that power. I will assist you there through my vibration but it belongs to you alone.”

There really is no greater attraction to a human soul than that of memory onto themselves, their soul and their power. And that is what he offers. Deep inside he feels fantastic about his new role. He knows, although not always consciously, that if there is ONE THING he can count on it is the power of the individual reflecting that memory and living from it. He is not deterred by the enormity that others see this job to be because he is a highly evolved soul who KNOWS that when humanity begins to remember who they are, they will take that responsibility very seriously and bring alive within them the best they are.

The people of the U.S. stated clearly and loudly, bringing echoes from the world that “YES WE CAN!” What they can do is beyond even their own understanding at this time, yet it is NOT beyond their memory. They CAN begin the journey of self, one that has been initiated by many workers of the Light for over 20 years and introduced by one Barak Obama to the rest of the world at this now time.

Excitement does reign throughout the land as a new vibration awakens upon her. This journey into power is one long awaited, slated to begin in the USA. Abraham Lincoln and Mr. Barack Obama are within the same soul group who led this charge. They are of the highly evolved spirits of beauty and power, both of whom resided upon the same energy field of empowerment in a state that holds upon her soil the messages of power.

Mr. Lincoln felt the power as an empowerment onto the individual and freed the slaves. Mr. Obama presents that freedom to the rest of the world.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Jett Travolta's Death

Can you give me information about this death? I am just so curious. I've always loved John Travolta and I have heard him speak about how he adored his son. I know everything is for a reason but can you give me some insight.

It is so that everything is of purpose therefore truly there is no such thing as 'tragedy' and in a world seemingly filled with it, to be able to leave behind that perspective is to see the perfection and beauty in all things. This family is a family of presentation meaning that there are literally millions of eyes upon both parents and have been for a long time. In plan when one decides they will
live a role as a presenter to the masses they as well gift the 'audiences' with a specific memory that lives within them and they don't necessarily, in fact almost never KNOW consciously that this is the case. Presenters are simply drawn excitedly to the position that they determined they would be in, in order to present this 'gift' called memory. Within John Travolta’s eyes there is a message that invites those who view his energy/aura to truly lighten up. He is a devout and dedicated entertainer, one that can display perfectly many different emotions but behind them all one can literally feel the joy he holds and it is transferred outwardly within his eyes. His beautiful eyes speak "come play as I do" for there is so much to be said and 'remembered' within the playing that has so often been put aside as the children of the generation he is of has grown within and into their routine struggles. His persona of play and joy has been recognized in all his characters. Even the darkest ones show signs of his sparkle that shines through and it is his eyes that direct and grant memory of this. His eyes are of a beauty within a message that carries through and onto those that view him. As a presenter and actor he has been consistent within his planning to 'play' as that is his very role on earth a 'player' of roles, a presenter to the masses of those roles, yet hidden within him is the memory of his true excitement within this world and his life so blessed (in his view) that he can connect with people and not just a few, he connects with millions and there is no greater satisfaction for him because that is what he came to do, to present to millions the message/memory that life is beautiful, life is playful and it is something that can and may be granted to all. John Travolta KNOWS he is not special on this earth meaning that he KNOWS all are of the sameness as himself, he just does not know the extent of this truth. He 'presents' this to those who view him, giving hope and excitement for the promise and the ability to live life to the fullest; to know the joys of living and to know abundance while playing upon this earth. That has been his task in this lifetime; that has been his plan and design and he has lived it perfectly.
Kelly Preston, John's beautiful wife as well an actor and presenter to the masses holds her implant onto memory as well. She transmits her message to the world within her smile, her mouth. As with her husband she holds an energy within a vibration that speaks to those who view her face and focus within her smile. She presents a calmness even within her dark roles that speaks to the consciousness of the viewer with the simple message that ALL IS WELL. She holds a quiet and comfort about her that invites the viewer to recognize her as purely one of peace. That is her presentation and within that peace she holds great motion/movement and fun. Her roles take her to places that seemingly could be the opposite of peace at times but the peace within her always shines through. The great thing about acting is that no matter what the roles these two play those gifts of both these beautiful souls shines through anyway and their presentations allow for the viewer to be in attraction to their energies and feel the emotions of them. It is the eyes of John and the smile/mouth of Kelly that have been their trademark within the field of presentation. Both carry the implants onto memory to their viewers and both have been enriched by their field of endeavor, their 'jobs' as presenters and their blessed lives within the energy of each other and the souls they brought forth.

Their happiness was thought to be at it's pinnacle when they joined each other’s lives but to their own surprise and delight the birth of their son expanded them into a new dimension. Their hearts were blown wide open when the precious soul named Jett entered. He became for them a presenter himself. He had his father's eyes and his mothers smile and mirrored onto them the joy, the fun the peace that they presented the world. He was for them a one man show of great beauty and love. The vibration this one carried spoke to their very soul of the truth of rebirth, of everlasting life, of the joys of knowing that death is simply a passageway between worlds. They recognized him. He spoke to them of the secrets of the universe that they had always known deep within but not consciously. He affirmed and confirmed their feelings. He assisted both in the expansion of their consciousness and he became and was felt by them as the great teacher he truly was. He was the gift that was promised through agreement and planning by the family he entered into long before he was birthed. He truly was one you could say was in this world but not of it for he cared little of 'things' and more of 'feelings' which enriched his life as he presented this to others. He was literally a 'guide incarnate' to his parents and was in agreement with them as to his brief time on earth and somewhere within them they knew this and tried ever so hard to avoid its inevitability. He was guarded but no man can hold the soul’s moment of release. This child's life was a gift to his parents thusly a gift to the world as his parents are presenters onto the world and his departure will shift and change their energies thus their presentations.
They will mourn their pain and loss for a time in time but they both know that this darling boy would not tolerate such long term sorrow and they will dedicate their lives to him, to his gifting that has become a part of who they are. They are involved with a practice/religion that is closer to the truth than most would like to admit and yet there is far more to the story than the one that was the basis of this religion. Both have wondered and craved at times 'more truth' to be told and that is when/where they will call on their precious Jett to assist them and he certainly will. One need not speak in words nor preach to relay to others truth. Those who are as highly evolved as the parents of this one need only HOLD THE TRUTH and in so doing they present it to others in the form of memory and when memory is touched it is a gift given freely that speaks to the heart of those who receive allowing them to move towards it, to stand still with it or to move away from it but regardless of one's reaction to the gift, the presentation has taken place.

These two actors/presenters are non-controversial to the point where the manner in which they are viewed is without judgments. Yes there have been comments regarding their religious practices but that has not deterred their presentations in this lifetime. They become enlivened and enlarged in vibration towards the presentations of truths that they are only barely touching at this time. They begin to give the mirror onto others of the truth of who they are which really is the memory of who all are. They have both taken themselves in this lifetime to this very moment and place. Their lives as presenters/actors has been the 'set up' for what is to come as they begin to present something truly unimaginable in words and they do so with the assistance of their beloved son who is far more alive at this moment than many who are breathing in flesh; presenting death itself.

So it was of their design, their planning and their desire to live with each other in body, together for a certain amount of time, to recall the purity and love without condition that Jett presented. Their plan is to turn that love onto themselves as he assists because to know that love they feel for him and feel it for themselves is what they came to this earth to do thus turning forth and simply living/presenting that to others who view their faces. It is a magnificent plan, a beautiful journey they take together and apart to assist within the shifting of energies upon the planet.

All are doing their part in and within their own planning and this beautiful family is doing something that may seem larger simply because their presentations are onto a larger audience.

So what may seem tragic at this moment is simply the ongoingness of the planning of this family and therefore could never be tragic. It absolutely brings forth the sorrow and grief that comes with the separation of his body from their own but even and especially that process is assisting in the cleansing of the bodies of his family to elevate them in vibration towards the beauty of a place within the heart that will bring forth a reunion.

In perfect planning he determined he would leave this earth before the establishment of the vibration of 2009 as he felt truly his assistance to this family thus the world would be greater from another realm and so it is.

As Jett's parents hold a focus of millions so do millions hold a focus towards them and in such sweet love and compassion towards this family does the assistance become known to them as their healing is quickened.

No mistakes, no accidents no regrets for all of those things deny the perfection of the creator all are.

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.