Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I would like a perspective from a higher view on this oil spill. Why in that area and what is the symbolism of it?

This spill will literally turn the tides of a relationship between one of the filthiest elements of a reality called ‘Victim’ as the victimizer mentality comes face to face with the victims that they have literally ‘owned’ within this play on earth. Oil is the black gold that represents the filth within a symbol of power called money. The energies of oil have been the backdrop and the very vision of power as it is a substance that has motivated money upon the planet. Now it may not be that overt to all but it is the lifeblood of the economy. Whereas gold was thought to be the backer of the currency that has not been the case for a very long time. It has been the oil that has been seeping out of mother earth since it was determined and defined to be that which literally moves the world. Its discovery of immense power put into play a group who in seeing this element as their magic began a determined and precise plan to own it and they have fought diligently to maintain a hold upon it.

The quest for oil has changed the very face of nations, it has devastated lands and peoples, brought wars and sorrow and only of recent times has it been truly looked to as a source of the evil it has spawned. Those who align themselves with the position taken to keep this oil flowing at all costs, align themselves with the greed and the mercilessness of a dark element within the human family and their nature although determined before birth is to assist the consciousness by holding fast and hard to the old as the ‘new’ is being unveiled.

The belief that there is a critical need for oil was inserted into the consciousness and has become a given of your world and lifestyle and seen as a necessity for life itself. This has been one of the greatest marketing ploys; to hold the world in a position to look to the power mongers who have defined the ‘oil need’ reality. There have been technologies for decades that would eliminate this need almost overnight but those technologies along with their discoverers/ creators/inventors and producers have been squashed. The talk of becoming independent of foreign oil has been going on as well for decades as if it is something that would placate the common voice but it was a simple bill of goods given to the masses to quiet them as it was becoming more and more obvious that their voices were rising.

This spill will shift the view within the world that sees oil as the lubricant of a massive movement that has taken mankind into the age of personal privilege and freedom. The cars that are owned, the mass transit that carries millions allows a type of mobility that was impossible without this fuel as well the airlines that carry mankind across the globe. This substance has allowed for the history of the world to change as if overnight giving people access to distant places as well as local commuting like never before. It is a way of life, this type of mobility that would seem improbable to take away and oil is the very issuance of this entire ‘moving’ reality. Imagine the world without the ability to move because the flow of a liquid that moves mankind is cut off. The utter dependency on this substance goes beyond the obvious – cars, boats, airlines etc. it has allowed a type of expression that brought forth a momentum of movement/motion that has drawn people outward and away from their center……….from themselves as symbolically this motion allowed for the consciousness, for humanity, to explore a world that took them away from their very homes and hearts. The consciousness of earth has been one of vacancy of the heart and in symbolism to this movement the unprecedented range and distance one has traveled could only be possible using the fuel that has not only fueled machines but has been an iconic and ironic presence in holding a global position of motion; of humanity’s movement.. The ability to spend time and travel be it short travel to one’s place of work or business or across the country or world is time spent going outward both physically and symbolically and it has been the era of not just going out and away from a location but symbolically leaving the hearth/heart to explore the world itself and that motion was designed in the world’s reality to allow for humanity to go as far away as they possibly could FROM THEMSELVES. The world and all her people are destined to come to this place and point in the timeline of earth, where there is a shift, a turn towards ‘self’, towards the true power that is within and in waking to a new reality, ‘oil’ in symbolism and in reality begins it’s demise as the fuel that has driven mankind in an outward direction and devotion.

Those who have ruled this product and process in a very real sense have ruled the world. They have held the power, owning governments, rulers and the lands that hold the greatest of supplies. They have made the rules and created the illusion of what populations believe the world and society to be. They have been from behind the scenes pulling every string possible to maintain their position as the power that runs every aspect of survival on the planet from food to housing, medicine, transportation, the economy and whatever you can think of that has made your world as it is today……….oil is the lifeblood that keeps the world in motion and MAINTAINS a world or rather has maintained a world. This world/reality is changing very quickly and there is no one living who does not feel something of this change. A shift of vibration upon the planet is creating all outward symbols and views to change including and especially the fuel that has maintained an old reality/world.

This disaster in the gulf acts as an awakening moment as it will bring to light many things that will cause rejection to this symbol. A collective consciousness will massively show itself in its disgust for the way of life that has taken humanity so far in distance from the heart. This spill begins a movement of the people fueled by the heart, a power that requires no outside stimulus or fuel product. There comes forth the voices that reject the secrecy that has been surrounding the oil industry. The covers will fly off those many hidden secrets and an appalling thunder will be expressed.

This symbol must be reckoned with as it has carried mankind in a direction of utter materialism as a focus in bringing alive a world that created outside symbols to be the safety and security of living on planet earth. The reality that has blanketed civilizations to this year 2010 is falling. The oil industry has been the foundation of the world governments that continue to uphold this element that has been their managed source of power. If one aligns with the brokers of oil they align with a power that is real and felt and expressed. It is an energy that is very powerful in presenting a feeling of invincibility and it has been in play and came into play many decades ago building upon a reality of separation. When one looks to the outer world for their source of power they negate the power they are, the power that resides within. That has been the position of the planet for many millennium up until this time for in this time memories are surfacing and momentum is building to remember the true power of one’s existence. It is a power accessible through the release of the world of illusion and devotion to accessing power in the outer world. That ‘outer world’ power no matter what form it takes is but a memory to the power that lives within each and every soul who plays the game of ‘powerless and victim’ when they enter human form.

When this spill occurred, the first thoughts of BP was not to stop it but rather how to capture it, meanwhile allowing it to flow freely into the waters as they strategized and focused on the oil rather than the environment. Their greed allowed it to happen in the first place and is why it has allowed it to continue. When it is finally contained it will be a wonder as to why this method was not initially used and clearly it will be recognized that the oil itself superseded all other concerns.

This spill although horrendous and painful for the land and her people is a perfect scenario that has been called forth to identify not only the massive energy/power that has been the basis for a reality called power/money/victim that has been of a consciousness that held humanity in a place/state of forgetfulness onto their own power but it takes place in an area where that consciousness was literally SIGNED INTO AGREEMENT upon a landmass beneath the waters many many years ago in time. This explosion of the earth’s elements onto this area is as though a grand waking to the death of this consciousness. The land/area/waters itself churns within this awakening of consciousnesses and greatly assists a new world that awakens. As awful as it seems and to some can only be seen that way, there is purpose within a plan that must uncover the advocates of power outside one’s self. The play becomes more and more obvious as those who want to uphold a reality even though it is not for the good of humanity are running low on valid reasons to continue the absurdity that plays out between the victims and the victimizers, the haves and the have nots, the powerful and powerless.

There of course are no mistakes or missteps within this event. It is purposeful in plan and design to bring the messages and memory to the world to prod humanity to remember the story of a consciousness that has been of a power struggle and it calls for the rejection of that consciousness and that world.

This spill has called forth the hearts of many to refute what has been in terms of power at the expense of love. It is but one of many amazing events that will shift the balance of a power and reality called “Victim”. It is within the scope of humanity to surge within this waking for soon there will be no place to go but to love and that is the key that ignites the power within.

Know that all is well even in the midst of what appears as tragic. There is no such thing as tragedy when one views things from a consciousness/reality of the creator for the creator makes no mistakes and the creator within all know this as they align with that part of themselves. That is where this world is going ~ to a place of ‘creator consciousness’, a place where memories of the power of the creator within surface and love is known as the reason behind all things ~ all things even if they may not seem so on the surface there is love within even the darkest events. To see that love, that beauty of purpose is to know a new reality, a new consciousness. This new consciousness is blanketing the earth, waking within events of all kinds especially those that may appear as ‘tragic’.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Barack Obama ~ A Year or So Later

Seems like his numbers are slipping. What's the deal with the Prez?

Barack Obama is perfectly positioned at this moment to realize the dreams of many or rather it would be easier understood if we were to say to release the nightmare for many. There is no steps within his cautious path that were mistakes as he allowed the riotous summer of descent to play out it was recognized as part of a rising of opposition that although still appears as strong has died down in energy but for the few mouthpieces that attempt to keep it alive. The harping and the bantering that is so well organized to make the appearance that the majority of Americans oppose this president is as if a machine that holds the job of influence. They speak in tongues of great knowledge spewing false statements hoping that if you tell enough lies and speak often those lies they will be picked up. It is a form of hypnosis, this repetition of lies that have worked over time to influence the masses and if mankind were still of the mindset that they must heed the loudest voice, this airwaves blast would be that influence it has been in the past.

Obama is of an energy whose voice holds within it an implant that says many things unheard in words but felt as the heart hears clearer than the ears if that heart is not built and held in fear. His words speak of oneness which is the memory that the opposition to this men want to keep silenced. You cannot hold a notion of power over others if oneness is alive and practiced. He speaks of a type of equality that hinders those power mongers, for to divide is to conquer and giving rise to their deep seated beliefs of superiority is this man of color standing in front of them claming his power as symbolized by his position. It is all but killing many who fought so hard with loud voices to extinguish the rise of this man that in their system of belief could not possibly hold a voice for them as the head of ‘their nation’.

After the election, an election that so many of fear could not fathom would be won by a black man, a rise in their opposition (fear) began. Prejudice is a form of superiority which breeds power, the type of power felt only at the cost of others. To FEEL power at the expense (over) others is false and is being called to the forefront for its demise. One by one and faster and faster comes the memory of one’s own power and as it rises within the body it speaks loudly to those who feel perhaps they own even a piece of their power. They speak with or without words “I no longer will acquiesce to you in fear” and it is offsetting the balance of the power positions in homes and jobs and government, in churches and institutions across the land. It is the time on earth when fear is being released and a byproduct of that release is the memory of one’s own power rising within their being and their life and it is producing chaos, a type of cleansing chaos.

Anyone who holds a position of power over another must release that position if they ever want to understand that true power lives within. So the struggle for power is at play within the scenes in Washington as President Obama holds within the foundation of all his legislation a memory of empowerment and that presentation is being fiercely opposed and those opposing him can spin their reasons any way they want to but the bottom line is they are of the energy of a group of people who do not want to see each human being stand within their own power for it will not only disempower them but it will force them to the place where they will have to recognize the truth of power and where it comes from and that is not a pretty predicament.

Each human who came upon the earth chose their specific role to be played within power because in this particular time and life the power struggles were to present itself for the understanding of the power that dwells within. For each victim there must be a victimizer and there can not be either but through agreement by both. There can not be a ‘Powerful one without a powerless player’. The degrees of this game of power are from the ultimate in extreme to the most subtle but it is absolutely felt by all who play. To feel power at the expense or cost or agreement of another is quite an aphrodisiac and to feel powerless at the hands of another is not a good feeling for each feeling is false in that it cannot be felt without another to hold the opposite position. This lifetime is one in which the decisions are made to take back ones power and since it feels much better to be the powerful one there is a fight for that position. Pretty elementary.
Barack Obama speaks to those who have played their role of victim and says ‘The time is Now’ to return to power on earth to change the structure of one’s self, one’s life, and thus the world.

One might wonder why he does not fight his opposition harder; declare their lies louder. Speak out against them. That is exactly what they wish because as in energy in the game of tug of war, great expanse goes in the devotion and direction of that game. He has long ago put down the rope leaving his opposition to try and taunt him back into the game. He calmly, methodically keeps his eye on the ball and moves forward without much distraction or attention onto his enemies and his enemies are adamant that he must fail and they will try anything to succeed. The momentum is not however in their favor because the consciousness moves forward towards the place of empowerment. One need not know absolutely what attracts them to one energy or another but when they feel the attraction it is a powerful pull. Obama stands forth saying I do not want to garner power from any outside force or other I simply want to remind you of your own. Have no fear things will never return to a time when this country felt the sting of those whose only desire was to garner as much power as possible from the people for the people are waking daily and hourly to the fallacies of that reality.

As the country was engulfed in a fear that rose at the experience of 9/11 the US was presented with a leader that himself was literally powerless to those around him. He was a victim of the most powerful victimizers on the planet, who declared this was their moment to step forth and gain ultimate control over the masses as they were wrangling in fear and confusion. It has played itself out this game when the powerful literally held an intention to take over the world. There will never be a return to the dark days of victim consciousness although there is still the upsurges of defiance that will take place.

Obama works for the empowerment of all and he recognizes his enemies attempts will ultimately fail. He is destined to be that one who will present a memory and resurgence of a power that dwells within. The positions of power/victimizer ~ powerless/victim and empowered are the stations that mankind is moving within at this time and as the days of the ‘end times’ become a reality. What ends is the consciousness called victim, the reality of forgetfulness, the world of fear.

Those who fight these changes are not the devil incarnate they are simply playing their role. They determined that they would give themselves the opportunity to be upon the earth at this time when great opportunity was available for them to shift from a place of living from the mind to expressing their hearts. It is not imperative that all hold the same ideas and ideals, views and beliefs rather there is a calling for all to grant allowance, love and acceptance to all. Judgments maintain ones’ barriers to higher vibrational expression. This is a wonderful moment in time when all are available to release their history, their cellular inherited stories and reveal the beauty of their hearts as they/all move into a time of great beauty and peace on earth.

Barack Obama plays his role and stands firmly in a position where he will speak his voice of empowerment but he refuses to fight or resist his enemies. To resist is to persist and he has no intention of carrying on a reality of separation, he simply will not continue down a road/reality that is falling down around the globe.
We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.