Saturday, December 27, 2014


December 27, 2014

Can you speak of ‘Disclosure’ as it has been defined as an Alien Landing or presentation of Alien beings into the consciousness?

The name of this ‘incident/happening/event’ (Disclosure) comes from the meaning that will cover the times ahead as so many stories that have been heralded as truth will be known as pure fiction; stories that have been woven as the very fabric of society will be disproven and will bring about a sense of surrealness to the very history of the world as it has been portrayed, leaving the masses to wonder if ANYTHING is real thus granting one more moment of a shift in reality. Stories that have been handed down, some true fabrications will be denied and undoubtedly shake the foundation of a reality leaving people to feel as they have been  lied to and betrayed to their senses; to their sense of security.

Disclosure is a word that will pick up momentum as it will begin to surface as a feeling of deceit within the government, sacred institutions as well and importantly within the account of history that was thought to be universal or standard in belief. So much information will surface that cannot be denied that people will become overwhelmed. Some will tune in to their own anger within this deceit; others will withdraw from the world not physically or even mentally, but rather emotionally in terms of turning towards themselves for answers that they see as NOT coming from outside. Disclosure will come to families and groups and as if a sweeping uncovering, the energies of the earth will not allow untruths to remain.

This is a process whereby earthly identifications and identities will not be allowed to remain within the area of deceit. Lies will begin to be recognized, untruths will be seen right through and the manner of doing business will be charged and changed to redefine a society. This is called disclosure for many reasons for it is the prelude to the very real attempts that have sustained to hold from humanity the truth of their origins and the origins of other beings who are of God’s creation and beauty that do not nor have not dwelled in human form upon the earth.

Why would it even be within the mind of man and upon the earth featured in film, books, tv and other media forms, the idea that there are other life forms throughout the universe and beyond if there were not specks and sparkets of truth to the stories of visitors. For ever so long this truth was obscured in fear. Invasions and bondage have been the usual course of events in depicting this very shattering manner in which mankind becomes introduced to alien beings.

If deceit and lies were not ‘allowed’ in politics, business, religion, the work place and other authoritarian institutions the world would be a very different place. If deceit and lies were not allowed in families the entire institution of family and marriage would be as it is depicted in Disney movies, where parents love and respect one another and children are honored for their very existence. All of life would be utopian as it should be.
This word ‘Disclosure’ has been viewed as the entrance into the fabric of earth’s reality the ships and beings that have surrounded and assisted the earth for EVER’, but really ‘Disclosure’ as in the revealing of our Space Brothers will be the finale of a time on earth that has entered the ENERGY of disclosure. As this energy grows the consciousness is elevating towards the truth of many many things and history will be uncovered and things hidden intentionally will be discovered. When a group of humans know something, it has entered their consciousness and once something is within the consciousness of even one person it avails itself to the greater/mass consciousness. This knowing of space beings has been held secretly within the consciousness of those who have interacted with them and those who knew of their existence but were sworn to secrecy.  As the energy of disclosure is pressing down upon the earth, as it is gaining in momentum in every area of living, the truth must come about. When one feels or knows the truth but are not ready to acknowledge it, they suppress it for many reasons from lack of desire to confront, to keeping the status quo, to maintaining peace and survival and any number of personal reactions but within this energy that you may call disclosure it becomes more and more difficult to veil the truth of anything. As one is attempting to pull the covers up and around them, this energy is pulling those covers off leaving the truth exposed for the knowledge or consequences to be met.  

This energy called disclosure is squarely upon the earth at this time. Those who have much to lose by its presence and results are quite aware and quite frantic. Those days when it was easy to penetrate and mold the minds of man are no more.  If you could see  the awakenings that are taking place daily you would be amazed and with each soul whose declaration is to live life outside of fear, those elements of fear and bondage will be disclosed to them as on a grander scale those lies that have been perpetrated onto the masses will and are being disclosed.

Individual awakenings involve the discovery of the self which means the uncovering of the self. One cannot truly wake to the beauty of who they are as they hold their own secrets in judgments and fear. Acknowledging darkly held secrets, releasing into love and forgiveness those secrets and dealing in self love with all consequences and understandings is done within this energy called disclosure. It is through the disclosing of fallacy that the illusion can be met, in other words the truth of each soul on earth is that they are perfection within the eyes of god. All illusion they have cast upon themselves, judged of themselves must be disclosed/discovered/revealed for one’s true identity to be recognized. As this disclosure energy permeates individuals it brings about much change and shattering of self images that held one from many truths of their own existence. As this same energy permeates the establishments of earth that maintain these secrets their covers are being lifted and the truth is being known.

Case in point the Vatican. Within that area lives more secrets and lies than one can imagine, ironically under the guise of promoting a loving God. Once the reveal has begun there will be no stopping it and anger will replace reverence for what man has created. It will begin a notion in memory that no man, no one be they of wealth or reverence or power in position or any other man made label is greater in the eyes of god than any other. This truth has been buried within the judgments of all religions and when religion is restored to a place of love and camaraderie of the same purpose it will be of the value of bringing together peoples as was its intent.

So as Disclosure is already here, it will reach a point whereby the readiness of the Grand Disclosure has been met. The introduction of a loving family of beings who have been amongst mankind for the entirety of their living on earth will take place. Within all disclosure of earthly stories, the vibration is rising and acting as an invitation to these beautiful beings of light. Earth’s vibration MUST meet a certain criteria or level for this to take place. It is happening daily this vibrational shifting for as each soul raises their own vibration it is added to the consciousness and expands. This expansion of consciousness is unprecedented, meaning it is happening quicker than even expected. One can surely promote and even be a part of this Grand Disclosure as they are intent in raising their own vibration. Some feel that this disclosure of  beings other than human will assist in this grand shift in Consciousness when in truth they are the one’s bringing it about by raising their own consciousness.

Can a date and time be given when “Disclosure” will take place? No, because that will depend on each one’s individual shift or rise in frequency and that is something that is done on a personal level. For each soul who expands their awareness, who succumbs to love, who raises their consciousness they hold within them a number of other humans that they have agreed to ‘signal’ if you will their position thus opening a pathway for their shift to take place. Some as yourself who have been a volunteer to lead the way have a ‘downline’ who benefits as planned.

So as one wonders and dreams even desires for this disclosure to happen, there is indeed something you can do to promote it, call it. You can define your own life as  in the process of disclosure and as you reach that place of disclosing all illusions and fallacies that have defined you as other than perfection, you become a beacon onto the heavens inviting your brethren to come nearer. This disclosure will change the reality of earth and in that vien it will explode fear like not before therefore it has been decreed that there will ENOUGH bodies standing upon the planet holding within them the most powerful emotion of peace that is the foundation of love that will assist those of great fear to either leave the planet or dissipate the fear and bring forth the opportunity to live upon a planet that can be defined as paradise.

“Disclosure” is happening NOW. The results or expansion of this disclosure will be the reunion of our space brothers who will in turn assist within the greatest expansion of consciousness and love the planet has ever experienced and expressed.


Channeled   by Kathleen Long


Monday, December 15, 2014

Washington State School Shooting
 In waves it seems these visions come of children killing children and within of all places that of a school where children are supposed to be safe.  What might be the message within/onto the consciousness? Could something so tragic hold meaning? Something so seemingly negative hold a positive light to it? There is no question that the pain and sadness that explodes from these episodes can be devastating and create a turning point in the lives of loved one.  Faith may be the only option to hold within such blatant seemingly nonsensical mysteries of life. It is a statement onto the masses that children should not outlive their parents like that’s a law and when this type of incident occurs parents feel helpless and perhaps hopeless.

Whatever can we do if we can’t count on our kids being safe when we send them off to school? And yet we can’t rip them from the system in order to feel safe. The consciousness of the world currently is in absolute flux. It is shifting so quickly and yet no one really sits back and attempts to analyze what is taking place even as it is happening all around them. This shift is likened onto the clearing and cleansing of energies that hold darkness onto the land. The vibration is rising very quickly in time and there are ever so many souls who have come forth to assist within this. Many volunteers have expressed desire to use their lives to assist. When planning one’s life, the last consideration of a negative event is DEATH. In planning one’s life there is no fear of death; there is no fear at all. In fact in planning one is of and in the knowing of how magnificent and beautiful to say the very least their existence is outside of a body , so the consideration that dying and returning home, back onto the beauty of all things would be a bad thing or even an unwanted occurrence is not in question. Returning home from a place of forgotten memory to the glory of incredible understanding and joy is always known before birth to be the goal or the graduation into the light and no words can ever explain and express this magnificent eventing onto the soul.

Can one EVER be safe? Well within the planning of one’s life their design trumps the idea that another can keep them safe even a parent, the one that is designated as the protector. Each soul, a sovereign being, comes aboard the planet within a blueprint, a plan of their own design and no matter how hard another tries to redesign or control them, that plan is ever-present upon them. This is a difficult notion for many to accept. It is especially hard to realize that a person of such a young age would have come to the earth only to live a short time but there is great purpose in death even those deaths that are considered to be premature; sometimes especially those deaths that are felt as premature, where it is assumed that one has not yet ‘lived’.

The children within this play where a friend shot and killed friends and even his own blood was viewed in a different light than those of other random acts; onto random others. This act was designed to bring alive within the lives that surrounded it a great and strong emission of compassion as anger in this incident was not the primary emotion. There was an explosion of great sadness mixed with compassion with more love than anger, more love than fear. It took place amongst an intimate group who knew one another in a family manner. This group was connected physically and energetically to the Native Americans who within their own lives and psychology struggle mightily to bring back their own traditions, culture and memories of living from a perspective of spirit centric meaning that they hold within their cellular structures the memories and messages of their ancestors who lived outside of survival upon a land that they KNEW would support them and so it did. The nature of the Native American is one of innate knowing that the spirit is ever-present within all situations of life even tragedies for in their philosophy tragedy is a turning rather than an occasion to stop and resist. This does not mean that there is not tremendous grieving and sorrow within this incident onto the families of all involved rather it is within their traditions that justice is lessor of an avenue they follow for the great spirit of life, the all-knowing and all loving spirit of life holds meaning even onto the death of a child.

This event is a presentation to those of the world who are drawn to its story as within it can be felt the difference it holds from other incidences of shootings within a school setting. Many events and this is one that look outwardly as so very tragic open up a wellspring of compassion. It is compassion that will eventually change the world. When the emotion of compassion outweighs the emotions of anger and fear, the consciousness will shift in one moment; one single moment.  You can liken it to the tipping point of consciousness shift. When humanity allows compassion to enter into their body taking the place of their own judgments and fear, the heart begins an expression in a vibration that is available like not before, in other words the energies of compassion/love/forgiveness etc. those of a higher spiritual nature are surrounding the globe like never before. They are MORE AVAILABLE which in nature means that they are not as difficult to strive for in terms of such a dedication. One will not be spending this lifetime in a place that shuts out the world to raise their consciousness. The world is no longer a place where one can hide easily to ‘work on their spirituality’. Misconceptions galore surround spirituality. It is quite common to believe that one must have an opinion, which are one’s judgments be they based in belief systems, history or just the idea that something of an event such as this shooting must be analyzed and held within the mind; in the minds literal area of judgments; to be deciphered according to one’s system of beliefs, preferences, comparisons etc. Within that area of the mind there is no peace. To take yourself to a place where you might feel that God has a plan and purpose in all things and layer those thoughts in compassion is a great spiritual step to take and it activates frequencies within the heart. It empowers the mind in ways you can’t imagine and it calms the body. It is a moment in which one shifts their own consciousness and the power within that moment is palpable. The earth’s consciousness is shifting and that is a fact but only through the body of her inhabitants does this take place and one by one as each take themselves from a place of fear/survival/anger and those lower frequency emotions to compassion and love in a very conscious manner do they not only shift their consciousness but to do so ‘consciously’ they open a doorway to many others. As one can consciously CHOOSE to move from fear to love they empower themselves and send forth an invite so to speak,  a silent announcement to others stating their new position in consciousness and within the minds and hearts of those that hear/feel this shift a process begins if they so choose. So it is a very real statement of truth that peace on earth begins with you and all those souls who are seemingly within the throes of injustice and tragedy, know that they have their own plan(s) and contracts with God you could say that you could not possibly understand and it is neither your place nor your job to do so. What you can do however is silence your mind of judgments and send the light of compassion their way.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

What Happened to Barack Obama

October 18, 2014

A headline I just saw, it asked ‘What happened to Barack Obama?

In these times so wonderful in relation to a shift in consciousness, a shift in power, what you are seeing is the absolute realization of the power that has actually and literally RULED THE WORLD; go as if insane to stop what is taking place; but they cannot. They are propagandaing, lying, creating inconsistencies, screaming from the rooftops their displeasure in what is happening; like a dying animal their wails are at a fever pitch and their energy is explosive. They (those who feel they are losing their grip upon power) meet daily, hourly with one another to strategize and emphasize their position of one that MUST hold onto the reigns of a consciousness that is ruled in fear. Fear is their fuel and their power.

Barack Obama  moves forward daily with his agenda in his hand, working diligently within the timeframe he holds to bring forth a world that is within the realm of fear, to a place of alignment  with this new consciousness. Now it may not seem he is truly a man of peace as he has lent himself to those missions that have killed and maimed those of nations where explosions in consciousness are tearing at the heart and soul of ordinary people; people who hold no political agenda, perhaps religious but they do not want to take a side or fight for any cause, they simply want to live in peace. He is currently fighting against a group, called ISIS who is heightening the fear factor around the globe. So what is really taking place? The fear energy and those who participate within it are short circuiting as they are fueled by their beliefs and energized by the numbers who come together to magnify the energy that thrives in fear. The consciousness of victim is leaving the planet and what appears as a profound picture of power over others, victimization, bullying, captivation and all other forms of holding power over others in countries of the Middle East is a playing out this business of victim consciousness which is coming to an end, even though it may appear as the opposite.

The greatest manipulation currently is within the media that delivers the messages and stories of fear. Now although purposeful, this manipulation is for the sheer purpose of saturation. Those powers who intended this deliverance of fear to the masses to maintain its hold based on fear will soon recognize that it holds an opposite effect. It is already occurring that many are simply sick of it; tired of its daily droning and are realizing that it is neither healthy nor conducive to one’s well being within upliftment. In other words people will begin to turn in droves from the ‘bad news’ for if they only knew just how many websites and news sources could be filled with the ‘good news’ upon the planet they  would immediately go where the light is. 

So in the midst of what appears to be its darkest moments where hope is waning; the greatest of light is penetrating the land and as the land becomes of light the bodies upon her that refuse to allow it into their bodies; their hearts will know great pain and suffering. As souls of earth begin to reject the dark a mass shift in consciousness occurs. THIS IS HAPPENING and although one may say how tragic this business is upon the land of the Middle East, that land was chosen to be a place, the place to be cleansed of those energies of POWER outside the self, of degradation and rejection of the female energy that is claiming the earth’s presence in power, and that land/place is displaying it’s resistance quite openly.

As the politics plays out their scenarios of who will gain in power know only and always that the result of any election within any country is the vote of the consciousness therefore predictions mean little unless one is predicting the consciousness at the moment in time when elections occur. An election that appears to uphold the old world may be the perfect set up to alleviate it or as a new energy comes forth it may be the right timing to clear the energies of old. It is within the consciousness that is moving towards the light of a new day a new world that brings about the perfection in planning. Know only that there is a vote across the globe in play currently and it is a vote in which the light will ‘win’, will prevail. Understand that the world around you is moving in the direction of light; of love and no matter what you view in terms of tragedy and injustice, horrors and sorrow it is all a part of a perfect plan in motion. It is within these times the judgments do not show a true picture in fact at times the opposite of light and love seem to be in view. This movement that you are of is very personal and it is within the awareness that one who is devoted to clearing their own lives will assist the consciousness more powerfully than if they would protest the injustices that seem to be all around although there is nothing  wrong with speaking out in protest it is simply the internal work that assists far greater than any outer stance.

Barack Obama was brought to his position by the consciousness as it demanded change. He has stood at the forefront of that change as someone who held the energy that stated this to the people of the US and the world. There were many who did not want; who do not want to change as they want to conserve the traditions and energies of an old world where the color of one’s skin separates; where the female gender is considered lessor; where the love one has for another must conform to the beliefs of old; where abortion symbolizes the demise of male dominance etc. in other words the movement of change is a movement of equality and equality has never served the energies of male domination. As this position of earth is leaving it is being fought hard.

Have no fear as fear is the greatest energy used to maintain this old world. Know only that the consciousness will prevail regardless of what it appears. These times of earth are of the most exciting and tumultuous ever for it is not simply certain areas where the changes are occurring it is global and the energy and consciousness of peace, love and equality are pushing its way to the surface although it appears the opposite.
The hatred, utter hatred for this change and shift in consciousness that is taking place is being directed towards Barack Obama by many as they require a symbol to direct their fear towards. The difficulty many have on both sides of this monumental moment in earth’s history is the position that seems necessary when one is reeling within belief and that is judgments. It is very difficult to release judgments of any kind within such a state of division but that is the surest way to hold peace for any/everybody. To recognize that perfection is in play within this ‘battle’ and decline to be a part of it, to anchor yourself within your own peace and love is the surest way to assist the consciousness into a state of upliftment and peace for YOUR peace is of the greatest assist to this movement in motion. If one could see what takes place when they CONSCOUSLY choose peace above all else they would get a glimpse of where the world is heading; where the consciousness of earth is moving towards and it is beautiful.
Play your roles, cast your ballots, get excited and know peace within the play for all else is simply the bantering of old  Even ‘fighting’ for a new world can be done within peace as resistance within any situation simply maintains/holds on to it.

Barack Obama may appear as if defeated but what one holds in intention speaks louder than any words and his intentions from the beginning have simply been to assist in the change of consciousness that is taking place.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Rembering Robin Williams

August 15, 2014


Suicide was the method he chose to leave the planet as in this greatest moment in his life, his death, by many viewed as so tragic but he simply slipped out of his body and went home. Such a BIG life he led; such a grand presenter he was. He held a prominent role upon the world stage and consciousness and there is a loss felt by those who felt his energy within the predominance of laughter.

Robin Williams entered the earth at a time in time when the world it was at its beginning stages of waking. The baby boomers seemed to be in such a state of change and excited anticipation to be a part of this great shift in consciousness. So very asleep they were but so very hopeful. The sixties were the times of the greatest generational change the world had ever seen. Traditions were about to be questioned and denied. Cultures were beginning to change rapidly in terms of time and the world was heading towards the grand outward display of separation that is in full swing at this time. Those who feel they must preserve  the status quo as it was and those who have determined they want liberation from a history that has suppressed so many; held injustice for so many and repressed women and other groups of minorities.  Both sides play their roles so perfectly at this time. The changes that mankind has seen on the earth since Robins entrance into time in the early 50’s and his exit in August of 2014 have been of the most remarkable and profound of any time period in earth’s history. He came to assist as did so many in their utter love of mankind, in a process called the Great Awakening. A process the earth is in at this time and will continue as the shift in consciousness is in currently taking place.

Robin speaks

My death assumed so tragic by many is in reality, my reality and that reality that knows that death is but a transition into another realm is completed and yet I come forward to tell you some things of my life that I now understand or perhaps I should say I remember. I entered into a family whose constitution was quite rigid. I felt often that I was born into the wrong family but now I know that was and could not be so. I planned as did you my life, my parents, my location of birth, my many associates both dear and near and even those whose lives touched mine only briefly. I planned it all in terms of every soul whose path crossed mine. It is wake up time on earth and I contributed to this moment with my career, which touched lives within a memory that I carried in my eyes.

It was no secret to the world that I was a wild child of the sixties. I dabbled to the place of addiction and what addiction was to me was my process in life to know expression and then without my crutch live that expression in a completely different energy. The ease with which my words flowed was my gift and that gift I came with was both my salvation and my great despair. To grant to others that gift of laughter began for me the brightest of moments I could ever know. To think that I was ‘responsible’ for someone to enter into that place of laughter, well there was nothing like it in terms of joy and satisfaction. I do know now that laughter is an energy of expression that stops the minds alteration within judgment and grants the body a shot in vibration of purest memory; like an effervescent shower of joy one is physically revitalized and can even know great healing within that energy, that great expression. They say, well I say that you are never closer to god in a body than when you are laughing your ass off. The feeling is of the highest physical emotion. Time literally stops in terms of aging when one is laughing. So laugh often and laugh long if you want to stay young.

I speak to your hearts this moment to relay to you certain facts or truths about my life and ask only that you think of me in terms of NOW as NOW I am in a place of unimaginable beauty and peace. I am pain free both physically as I don’t have a physical body to know pain in and mentally as again I don’t have a physical body to hold my head in my hands and feel the pain called depression that I endured for a very long time. It was my plan in life to gift others with that great expression called laughter as well my performances which spoke stories  onto the heart because it is within the heart that you will know of my soul and look to my life and death as not of sorrow but of reflection onto your own life. I was of the sameness of all. I knew hard times and joyful times but I must say that although I could grant that lightness of heart, I spent more time in the darkness of great forgetfulness; always looking for answers until the moment came when I wanted to understand myself so desperately, that I heard the voice within tell me that my time was up; that I would be introduced to a challenge that I was not going to take. That too was my plan that when I heard the final call to ‘endure’  yet another challenge, I would decline. In my final days, for some reason deep within me I was very excited. I knew what I was going to do but the excitement was something I didn’t quite understand for there were those of earth I love so dearly and that was my hesitation of course but my soul was leading me home and that was a voice I could not resist. I know now that my excitement was that I would be going home. I would be free. No more struggle or survival issues and no more self-judgment. My judgments towards myself were torture.

I would like to speak to you about suicide as it has been of such a fearful and judged and some say despicable and cowardly way to go. Well each soul on earth holds a beautiful blueprint; a plan they come onto the earth ‘with’. Suicide is a ‘method’ of death. It is sudden and shocking and leaves within its wake many who know the devastation and often guilt of the act. Suicide can be a gift one gives to those they leave behind for it can open their hearts; albeit by breaking them open and introduce them to a new way of living; a new way of thinking and believing. It often begs the question of ‘where are you now’?, “where did you go so suddenly”? Your life force could not just have ended”. And it then may take them onto a journey to gain understanding; understanding that that ‘place’ of life after death is also that same place of life before birth. That understanding or memory can awaken one to a new way of thinking. Remember that they are eternal and they are on the earth for a reason and perhaps one of the greatest reasons that the huge number of souls currently inhabits the earth is to assist in this grand awakening that is taking place. Suicide is a death of many whys and what if’s and if onlys but I would like to speak to the hearts of all who view this and let you know that my method of exiting my body allows those questions to be asked for the sole purpose of igniting the wonder and questioning of life and death and perhaps to some awaken an urgency within to gain understanding and compassion towards those in their lives who would gain much from their kindness.

Each soul upon the plane of earth is perfection; living out their own unique plan, so to judge another is quite literally a waste of time. It holds no relevance to one’s life other than to alter their own mind disallowing beauty in. My judgments were onto myself therefore I kept a huge distance from myself as well as others. I came onto the earth with a very specific desire within my plan to perform and present to others limited moments of joy through their own voice in laughter. In my death I wish to present that memory as well by transmitting my great disregard for the fear of death. Please know I am not ‘promoting’ death I’m simply stating that by releasing the fear of death one can truly live.          

A few moments on my homecoming and I will let you be. I was greeted by the most magnificent colors and sounds I have never heard in my body.  I was as if RUSHED with love. This love is like nothing of earth. It was so familiar yet so very foreign because I was used to my body taking in all the emotions I lived both good and bad and love was very good on earth but this was so beyond that. Then I realized I wasn’t IN A BODY and that rush of love turned into pure understanding. I have heard of a life reviews and part of me was very hesitant. After all I knew very well some of the shenanigans I pulled. This review did come almost immediately and it too was beautiful for all those ‘things’ I judged of myself were as if blanketed with understanding and love you could call a forgiveness I granted myself. There is no time where I dwell which is a strange concept but only in a body will you know time.  These words I give you fall short, so short in terms of relaying to you the beauty of the other side but I feel the urgency to speak to you who hear this of the fallacy of so many things and perhaps in time I will but for this moment please know that I am in peace, great peace. I fulfilled my story; I followed my plan and know so very well the struggles many face in these times on earth when the fear is pressing down upon them. If I could leave you with a word of wisdom that I have returned to I would say to you……….. be kind, just be kind. It isn’t hard to do and it could be the moment that changes one’s life and it could be the moment that changes your own life.         

In laugher you will touch yourself in a way that gives you a memory of life outside of struggle and fear and when you laugh with others you connect at the heart. So laugh often, laugh hard as it tickles your cells it can restore them to their perfection.


We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.