Tuesday, May 5, 2015

April 28, 2015

Baltimore’s Rage

In a city of America’s infancy lives many secrets of its constitution and its governance. The idea and ideals of a country that was created within the definitions of freedom holds a stain upon it’s imagery but as with many deviance's from its original charter, claiming freedom as well as separation of Church and State as two of the original reasons for existence, the corruption as well the absolute dishonesty of American power mongers is coming alive to be viewed as well as rectified.

The beauty of such a statement and desire to grant freedom within a world at that time in time over 200 years ago where freedom was denied to the masses by the rich and powerful who held all the cards, made all the rules and dominated the lives of so many was met with the absolute joys of imagining that one could live in a land of freedom and abundance. This desire called so many to risk their very lives to get to that place. And so America was born. Born of the struggles for freedom and promoted as the land of milk and honey. In droves people came from their European roots to gain access to this state of mind and the American Dream was born. But much was carried from Europe that was the very reason people fled for it is not always known that what one carries within their psyche they seem to express openly and outwardly.

Memory is a funny thing. It literally LIVES within the cells of one’s body but beyond that it is ‘inherited’ onto bodies. Perhaps what so many fought so hard against they carried as part of themselves. When those whose greatest desires were to hold freedom within them risked life and limb to come to a place, a land where that dream would be met they did so within and ‘carrying’ the genetics of their birth and ancestry. Within those genetics they still held many beliefs and memories of a life lived in their homelands. What they were fighting so hard ‘against’ they were still holding within themselves. Does it not seem just a tiny bit contradictory to premise a new world where all men are created equal when ships where being sent from the shores of this new country to capture and bring back to the country of freedom for all, men, women and children, against their will, to OWN them. So in a nutshell they were really saying is that all men of European descent could have and hold that freedom and if one were to view this in its reality those who could not be allowed that same freedom simply had one thing in common and that was the color of their skin. The native Americans it is no secret were considered savages and less than as were those of dark skin. So the idea that all men were created equal indeed had caveats. In other words it was that all White men were created equal and women were in a category of their own as they were considered to a degree property as well.

And THAT is what the United States of America is founded upon.

The ideas and ideals were beautiful in their concept but in their reality they were quite similar to their ancestry. Baltimore/Maryland’s uniqueness within the ‘slave agenda’ was different than as well as progressive in comparison to the rest of the United States in the days of full swing slavery. It really began the push to freedom for slaves. Baltimore holds a unique history as it volunteered early on to be in the forefront of this movement that led to a war that separated and divided a new nation and those wounds to this day are not healed. The original group that settled Maryland were onto themselves more within the true nature of abiding by the constitution however it was a great wave in energy that they were up against and yet it is as though that unfinished business of  a century and a half has come back to be settled as what has been termed justice opens the door for many other places throughout this country to follow.

Now just as those of European descent hold within them this penchant for superiority within the balance of race, those of African descent who were stolen from their homeland to be subservient onto them hold within their genetics this anger and resentment that cries out for justice. Without ‘proof’ or words spoken it is well known to  most who would admit their knowing that this injustice and division in race goes on to this day. Regardless of political correctness in words and acts what lives within someone still lives within them and given a chance to express it they will. So the division that holds the color of skin as a real issue within the US has come back to be brought into the light of day to be healed and within most healings there are painful acknowledgments and reckonings. It was determined that the consciousness of this Nation was ready to face it’s past, it’s hurts, its wrongs and work towards a peaceful nation within and it was within that declaration that the first Black president stepped forward to head the charge and within this very first days  in office what exploded within those whose bodies still hold within them the fierce beliefs that they are superior to a race of a different color were so unsettled that they ignited those old beliefs to be brought forth into the light of day, for healing cannot take place if it is not acknowledged. When the tipping point comes there will be no acknowledgement any long that this division holds power in this great country and this is a great country yet what seems like deep divides and open wounds of old issues still alive are only alive and in view to be brought to resolution.

America has not yet seen its greatest days. Those words of old that birthed this country are still quite valid but have not been abided by. This is changing, this will change as each is given the view of what they believe, what they cannot ignore and what they must admit to themselves. To view another in prejudice within inherited or accepted stereotype denies them as a beautiful creation of god. Each soul is molded in life by their beliefs be they inherited or accepted but beyond all that which they hold they are perfection. If one believes that due to their race they are 2nd class, they will be nothing, they are less than they will aspire to those  beliefs held and live up the expectation of their culture and society. If people believe that their lives do not ‘matter’ they will act accordingly until they change that belief.  This is an exciting time in the United States as it is in a place of upheaval it may seem but those riots and marches that garner attention are purposeful in their bringing a focus onto things that many have wanted to deny and that is that African American have been abused, mistreated and denied in this country by those who brought them to it. That is THEIR heritage within the United States and they are quite ready to claim their rightful place as equal within a country that claims equality as its foundational premise.

Now this is not a blanket statement onto every single citizen rather it is about those denials and prejudice that each hold that are being asked and forced to look within because it is the within that denies the differences of race, color, creed, sexuality and ever divisive element of humanity. It is a time of introspection where all are given the moment (if accepted) to ask of themselves where they live within these systems of beliefs they hold that looks onto others as less than. Actually it is a wonderful time as this explosion of defiance onto history is awake and in full swing upon the land

Baltimore in its history has been in the forefront of calling to freedom for all and in this day it as well shines a light onto the discrepancies of this freedom. No more will those injustices be swept under a rug, no longer will a group whose duty was to protect use their power to deny that protection based on the color of one’s skin or at least no longer will the level of toleration for this behavior be allowed. Baltimore’s pain at one man’s death as he offered himself up for this cause will be the beginning of a movement that will not cease rather it will be emulated.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Religion and Politics

January 17, 2015

Although it would seem that with the Republican’s win in the last election they hold the power in Washington DC, but it is within the President’s position that he holds it equally.  In other words what will play out is the viewing of power as in equal power for Congress cannot simply pass laws of their liking as the President has the power to veto them which will grant him an abundance of clout in these final years of his Presidency.

It is well known by those of the majority of the Republican Party that they must work diligently to distance themselves from the internal group within their party that has drawn them so far to the right that if they continue to align there they will implode. It is almost as though they are more fearful of that aspect, the Tea Party than their own opposition, the Democrats. At least they have known compromise and reasoning with Democrats but are continually being denied this with their own party’s faction. Republican leaders never dreamed this group would get so powerful. Initially they relished their fervor as they acted like defiant and belligerent teenagers, but what they allowed with great giddiness they regret with great sincerity. They are walking a thin line as it becomes daily more obvious that if they continue to define themselves as aligned with Tea Partiers, the party of the Republicans can no longer win elections thus they will lose all power within the political spectrum. 

They must figure a way to come together and yet there is no bending at all with that group. The Tea Party members are binging on righteousness and hatred and conservatism in a manner that their agenda/desire is to conserve/preserve the traditions and values of a time that is no longer to be a part of a consciousness of love. There is much negativity and hatred within a group whose fame has been to ridicule and deny a President based solely on their prejudices and often racist beliefs. They may deny all they like but they certainly are the voice of hatred as a group who not only deny this president but were beyond flabbergasted that he was elected not only once but twice. Most live in their own history of white superiority.  The Constitution is being used as the charter for their actions and behaviors and they claim God as their greatest ally. This group is doomed to become irrelevant and there are those within the Republican party who know this and fear they could take down the entire party system and they have good reason to fear. The leaders initially welcomed this group as they felt it bolstered their position within power only to see that it is and will do more harm as it creates more and more division every day. The political system as all things is a reflection of the consciousness as it comes more in line with a higher vibrational consciousness. What will not be Preserved is an old world, an old consciousness, the lower frequencies of fear and hate and those in government who espouse to those visions of old will be gone, simply gone.

Politics as Religion in the past has been considered sacred ground in terms of subjects to be discussed politely and civily. Both are very strong belief systems and yet the reality or the outer display of both politics and religion are reflecting less and less what once was a strong and constant system that one could comfortably align with. Both have been part of a contrived world system that allowed humanity to feel a certain safety and security knowing that both God and country were ‘taking care of them’. 

The corruption, deceit, greed and fakery imbedded in both institutions has always been and it is now beginning to show itself, leaving many to feel so betrayed by what they put their very identities into.
Both Politics (Politicians) and Religion (Religious Leaders) have far more in common than not. Both require money to function. Both have leaderships that must preserve their populations in order to gain their monies. Both claim that their specific model (party or denomination) are the better/best or truest; pitting people against one another be it in a manner of friendly disagreements or all-out war which culminates in killing for the sake of God or country.

If the consciousness is rising as promised and stated, why then is there more horrors in the name of religion and more disingenuousness and division in politics across the globe? It is the perfection of this new world we enter for all things must be seen, recognized in order and law to be transformed. Was Jesus a Christian? Was Mohamed a Muslim? Both of those religions were created by man to honor the teachings of those two. Most within these religions feel the beauty and love that was spoken of and want nothing more than to honor their God in peace but uprisings are abounding, greed is being uncovered and hate dominates towards anyone who does not hold the same beliefs. Within this changing consciousness and rising frequency more and more of mankind are feeling the urgency to know peace within their lives and as that is happening those who consciously and unconsciously feel they are losing their grip on the populations that they have dominated are pushing ever harder to hold their positions and therefore you are viewing this world seemingly in chaos where religion and politics are the foundations for the worlds’ strife.

Things can and WILL change and the most effective manner in which a single soul can contribute to this change is to look away from the horrors and seek internal peace. Know that many have signed on to be a part of what appears to be horrific to assist in this changing consciousness and if you are inclined to go out into the world and literally place yourself somewhere in assistance, do so in peace and detachment from the arguing of beliefs for that is the only difference within the fighting, wars, judgments and horrific actions some humans engage in. Beliefs, be they inherited or transferred or simply claimed can be the greatest separators. Beliefs are energies carried and they hold a frequency.

Detach from the fray and go inside. Seemingly a statement that sounds more idyllic and even ridiculous considering the many issues surrounding the globe but ironically those ‘horrors’ are serving a consciousness of fear since fear has been the foundation of what has been lived for many millennium.  Again, that consciousness is leaving and on its way out it is surging in its defiance of this new world.

As religious leaders, politicians, police officers and others of power feel this accountability being demanded they push harder to control what is falling from them. You will see more and more ‘icons’, ‘heros’ and powerful positions fall as secrets and  fallacies are uncovered.How can we tell our children that those in positions of power should be honored even revered when daily we hear of someone who lies, cheats, falls from grace, falls into disgrace and disappoints. It is no others ‘job’ to be a hero to another rather it is a part of a new consciousness of love and respect, compassion and power that a children become their own hero.

This world is changing and fading very quickly and to look at the new Congress of 2015 is to see it symbolically as a demonstration of an old world in the works trying desperately to hold onto a control that is slipping further and further from them, even if it appears the opposite, even if it appears that they are the power within the US government, they are showing their true colors and those colors are fading into a NEW world where human beings take precedence over power, control, money and greed.

It will be of great interest to watch the story unfold and the symbols  fall. There are no demons in this story of shifting consciousness. Each player has their own role as designated, designed and agreed to. This congress was put forth to be seen clearly as that old world and choices will be made as to the relevance of the old guard who wants to guard a reality/consciousness where fear is still the prevalent energy and compassion quite remiss. It is a fantastic time to be upon the earth within this great turning of the century, (already 15 years in) where life will begin to show signs of great expanse, where there will clearly be a division that allows for each and all to claim their position within all institutions as there is only two choices; Love or fear

We are well aware of the 'stories of the day' seen through the eyes of the vicitm consciousness, how the majority of the population would interpret them. I'd like to present to you the same stories as seen from the perspective of the 'creator consciousness'.